Job Description and Duties

The State Fund Legal Subrogation department has a vacancy for a motivated Attorney to join an elite legal team. Under the direction and supervision of a Supervising Attorney or Assistant Chief Counsel, the Attorney represents the State Fund in handling/litigating the more sensitive, difficult and complex workers compensation subrogation cases and assignments before the DWC (Workers Compensation Appeals Board), California Civil Courts, Federal Civil Courts and other administrative bodies. This position may advise any of State Funds Program Managers or Programs regarding a broad variety of subrogation related issues.

The Attorney is expected to effectively work on legal matters of the more sensitive, difficult and complex legal cases, which consist of features including but not limited to the following:

 Above average to high impact to the California business environment (employers, employees, the workers’

Compensation system)

 Above average to high political and media impact, implications or sensitivity

 Above average to high potential dollar amount of the transaction or risk

 Handle the majority of individual cases with above average to high potential exposure to State Fund

 Potential to appear in multiple (number and variety) of forums and jurisdictions

 Participate on “project” type work where cases have been consolidated and coordination of multiple parties/issues is


 Precedent setting exposure where there is a possibility of above average to high impact on State Fund

As a successful candidate, you must:

 Effectively and competently represent State Fund and the State Departments under the Master Agreement consistent

with the law and State Funds approved policies, procedures, and guidelines

 Advise and counsel Claims and internal business partners

 Provide quality customer service in a timely manner

 Maintain a high level of professionalism and deportment with the State Fund, its insureds, its clients, and the legal


 Comply with the Code of Conduct

 Maintain a safe working environment

 Defend the State Fund against fraudulent activities

 Maintain good customer relationships with internal and external business partners and stakeholders

 Properly maintain assigned equipment

 Be able to travel to multiple counties throughout the State of California

 Be able to use State Fund’s computer systems.

Attorneys with 0-2 years of Subrogation experience are encouraged to apply.

You will find additional information about the job in the Duty Statement.

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