Subject to administrative approval of the Chief Legal Counsel, offers advice and consultation which affects policies, decision, actions; serves as supervisor of the Chicago Legal Office; serves as Deputy Chief Legal Counsel; assumes duties as Chief Legal Counsel in his/her absence; develops and implements policies and procedures.
Requires possession of a license to practice law in Illinois; requires four years professional experience in the practice of law; requires thorough knowledge of judical and quasi-judical procedures at all levels; requires thorough knowledge of common law, federal and state laws and regulations pertaining to the agency program; requires thorough knowledge of legal methods, practices, procedures in the assigned agency; requires working knowledge of principles of administration and management including organization, control and techniques used in dealing with management and procedural problems.

Conditions of Employment: Requires the ability to pass the IDOC/IDJJ background check.
On January 1, 2020, the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act will make it legal for residents over the age of 21 to produce, consume and sell cannabis in Illinois. Please note that although the law has changed, the Department will continue to enforce the DepartmentĀs zero tolerance Drug Testing policy.

The use of unauthorized drugs, including cannabis, by an employee, regardless of the position held is prohibited.

Anticipated Starting Salary: $95,000- $125,000/year
Full Merit Comp Range: $51,540-152,808/year

WORK LOCATION: IDOC, JRTC 100 W. Randolph St., Chicago, IL
WORK HOURS: 8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

Apply with CMS100 application via Email (include BID ID in Subject line), USPS or Concordia Court Drop Box to:
Public Safety Shared Services
Koley Scott- Human Resources Representative
1301 Concordia Ct
Springfield, IL 62702
Koley.scottIllinois.gov (Email bids should be ONE attachment & include BID ID in subject line)

Applicants are to Submit a Current CMS100 (Dated 7/2019) and copy of Required License or certification to the agency contact above. Older versions of application will not be accepted. Failure to complete and sign the application accurately will result in rejection of application.
This position may require a current grade from Central Management Services (CMS), Division of Examining and Counseling, to be deemed qualified and available for employment consideration. For more information, please refer to the Work4Illinois website at Work.Illinois.Gov and select ‘Application Procedures’. Additional information may also be obtained from the Agency Contact listed above or by contacting CMS, Division of Examining and Counseling at Work4IllinoisIllinois.gov or (217) 782-7100, (217) 785-3979 (TDD/TTY), (800) 526-0844 (TTY Only).
Additional Documentation for Senior Public Service Administrator:

Option 8L – Law License Illinois

Class Specification

Additional Title and Exam Information

These documents are in PDF format and can be viewed using Adobe Reader.

NOTE: Salary amounts shown are only to be used as a guide; actual salary will be determined at the time of hire based on current salary plans and/or collective bargaining agreements, if applicable.

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