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The” class=”redactor-autoparser-object” rel=”noopener noreferrer nofollow”>The WBGs core values are impact, integrity, respect, teamwork and innovation. The core values reflect what the WBG stands for, how staff treat each other, and how the WBG treats is partners and clients. The WBGs Internal Justice System (IJS) plays an important role in helping to embed the WBG core values in the WBGs programs, processes and culture.

Under Staff Rule 9.03, adopted in 2009, the Peer Review Services Secretariat (PRS) is one of the units of the IJS. PRS serves the mission of the WBG and its core values by providing an impartial and independent venue for the review of employment-related grievances. PRS is headed by the Executive Secretary, who is independent and for administrative matters, reports to the Managing Director and Chief Administrative Officer of the WBG.

PRS has two lines of business:

(1) The Peer Review. The Peer Review is committed to the non-legalistic, non-judicial, and non-adversarial resolution of employment disputes. The Peer Review is currently composed of 115 staff members from across the WBG who volunteer their services to review employment disputes ranging from non-selections for a position to termination of employment. One of the Peer Review volunteers acts as Peer Review Chair. When employment disputes cannot be mediated, these are reviewed by Panels of three Peer Reviewers, through hearings or written proceedings. The PRS Secretariat is an independent and impartial information resource for staff and panels whom it also assists in PRS proceedings, for example by bringing to panels attention pertinent precedents, and in drafting various documents throughout the process. The PRS Secretariat ensure the Peer Review remains confidential, impartial and objective.

(2) The Performance Management Review. This Program was established in 2016 to streamline the review of grievances on performance evaluations and performance ratings among others. The PRS Secretariat oversees this Program under Staff Rules 9.03 and 9.07.

PRS ensures that PRS and PMR proceedings comply with due and fair process in treating both parties with equal respect and neutrality.

Under the Peer Review, staffs disputed employment matters are reviewed in Panels of three. The role of a Panel is to assess if the disputed employment measure was based on observable and demonstrable reasons, fair and not improperly motivated, and complied with WBG Staff Rules, policies and procedures. During a hearing, each party can present to the Panel his or her side of the story and ask questions of each other. The Panel can also ask questions of the parties and witnesses. The Panel then recommends to senior management how best to resolve the employment dispute. A Peer Review Panels recommendation can include financial compensation for the staff based on its findings and conclusions in the case. It can also recommend that management adopt measures to address systemic issues identified by the Panel during its review of a case.

In addition to the above, and in collaboration with other IJS units, the PRS Secretariat delivers training and outreach to any participants in PRS Proceedings and other stakeholders, and participates in other joint IJS initiatives.

The PRS Secretariat is seeking to recruit a Counsel. The Counsel must have a proven record of being thorough, fair and objective with attention to detail, timeliness and cost control and can adapt easily to working in a diverse and multicultural work environment. The Counsel also must have a proven record of demonstrating the WBG core values in his/her professional experience. The position may require travel and posting outside the United States.

Duties and Accountabilities:

Under the supervision and overall guidance of the PRS Executive Secretary, the Counsel will carry out the following duties and accountabilities:

1) PRS and PMR case management:

 Provide accurate and timely guidance to staff members inquiring about the Peer Review and PMR processes.
 Briefing Panel Members on cases and prepare them for hearings by providing information and guidance, and advising them on process and procedures.
 Regularly update parties on the status of case and reply to their questions promptly.
 Ensure that case-related documents are concise and aligned with the goals of the Peer Review as a non-judicial, independent, and unique Peer-oriented and Peer-driven resource.
 Ensure PRS case processing and Panels reports submission times meet Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) unless there exist extenuating circumstances.
 Draft various correspondence and memoranda and maintain confidentiality of all client information.
 Support the PMR process and provide relevant and timely research and legal support to PMR Reviewers.
 When the Peer Review Chair or a Panel dismisses a request for review, draft a memorandum detailing the factual issues of the case; the arguments of each party; including a solid analysis for dismissal based on untimeliness of the filing or lack of PRS jurisdiction.

2) Knowledge Sharing and Raising Awareness about the IJS, PRS and PMR:

 Participate in outreach activities organized by IJS/PRS including BBLs and clinics to share lessons learned and discuss thematic issues and trends.
 Share best practices, trends, knowledge and lessons learned across units and with clients and partners.
 Contribute to the continuous improvement of the PRS process, rules and protocols to ensure they remain up-to-date and on par with best practices.
 Participate in special initiatives/projects and undertake other ad hoc assignments.
 Maintain optimal quality standards in own deliverables ensuring compliance with PRS service delivery standards.

Selection Criteria

 Master’s degree in law, HR, or another pertinent field.
 Admission to the Bar of at least one WBG member countries or equivalent Professional training and/ certification by examination is desirable.
 A minimum of five (5) years of relevant professional experience.
 Excellent interpersonal skills, including a strong affinity for customer service, the ability to work effectively with clients who are undergoing high levels of stress, and in a team internally and collaboratively across departments.
 Excellent communications and presentations skills both oral and written; proven ability to clearly and concisely prepare, draft, present and discuss findings and recommendations at senior levels and to produce complex and compelling written reports.
 Excellent ability to use active listening skills, focused conversations and to elicit critical information in a gentle and respectful manner from individuals feeling distressed.
 Proven ability to remain impartial and objective, and to consider both sides viewpoints in an employment dispute: staff members and managements.
 Ability to plan work and manage conflicting priorities within tight deadlines.
 Fluency in oral and written English;

Technical Competencies:
 Client-service oriented. Ensures that all reliable and relevant information and evidence is obtained, reviewed, clarified and analyzed promptly, thoroughly and accurately.
 Product Management and Attention to Detail. Prepares, manages and delivers highest quality of work products in a thorough and timely manner and meets appropriate deadlines.
 In depth understanding of regulatory framework and precedents. Appreciates need to follow due process and make well informed and reasoned thoughtful recommendations on how to effectively review, resolve and dispose of requests.
 Communication. Demonstrated proficiency in presenting, summarizing and writing fact-based observations and own thought-process analytically, objectively, neutrally, and clearly. Articulates ideas in writing and verbally in a clear and compelling way across audiences of varied level.
 Time-Management. Capacity to work on a high volume of cases, independently adjusting to priorities and delivering high-quality outputs within deadlines.
 Proven record of working independently and objectively, and keen awareness of confidentiality requirements involving personal and personnel data and generally all matters relating to PRS’ and PMRs work program.
 Ability to reliably and diligently differentiate when to seek guidance and when to act independently and exercise initiative.
 Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to collaborate within teams and across boundaries.

Values Competencies:
 Highest personal integrity with demonstrated ability to handle confidential matters in a discreet and respectful manner.
 Recognized integrity and judgment.
 Respect and compassion for individuals.
 Passion and respect for the WBG, its mission, objectives and values.
 Commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion.
 Ability to maintain confidentiality and inspire trust.
 Ability to listen patiently and empathetically without forming hasty judgments and without taking sides.
 Sensitivity to WBGs distinctive demographic and cross-cultural context and influences, and ability to build effective work relations with internal and external clients and colleagues.
 Commitment to innovation and personal growth: accept feedback, learn and adapt to find different and improved ways of working.
 Excellent interpersonal skills,

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