Job Summary

Company Overview: ErosSTX (NYSE: ESGC) – Delivering star-driven premium content to audiences across platforms worldwide. Through our television, streaming, and digital content, and our film production and distribution, we bring billions of people together through the power of story. www.erosstx.com

Position Overview: Seeking member of California State Bar to serve as DIRECTOR, BUSINESS & LEGAL AFFAIRS, in connection with development, production, financing and distribution of theatrical motion pictures.


  • Negotiate deals and draft all related paperwork for above-the-line and below-the-line development and production for theatrical motion pictures, including deal memos, co-financing/co-production, writer, rights, producer, director, production services, product placement, key crew and location deals, as well as equipment and vendor agreements, confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements and other development and production related paperwork, as needed.
  • Negotiate and draft documents in connection with film distribution and financing transactions.
  • Conduct chain-of-title review, legal research and prepare memos regarding guild issues and other legal matters, as needed. Liaise with outside counsel, as applicable, re aforementioned matters.
  • Analyze clearance matters and prepare memos re same.
  • Coordinate payroll and insurance matters, analyze risk management issues, and prepare guild signatory applications/paperwork in conjunction with physical production.
  • Oversee main and end title credit issues and draft memos relating to talent approvals, publicity/premiere/travel obligations, delivery to distributors and act as liaison with production and marketing personnel. Ensure location and placement obligation memos are timely prepared and review same to ensure accuracy and proper implementation.
  • Oversee the preparation and filing of copyright documents, assignments, corporate and other security documents.
  • Oversee the maintenance of internal status reports (including option calendars, legal checklists, etc.), files and document management system.
  • Analyze agreements for financial obligations (both fixed & contingent) for Finance and Physical Production.
  • Review picture budgets to ensure accuracy with all ATL deals.

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