**Qualified candidates should submit a resume and cover letter to Celita Scott, Chief Counsel, at Celita.Scottindy.gov by December 15, 2020. **The Marion County Prosecutors Office, led by Prosecutor Ryan Mears, is setting new expectations in the criminal justice system and is committed to a fair and equitable system. This commitment does not conclude at the end of a case because a prosecutors duty is not to convict but to seek justice. The Marion County Prosecutors Office is in the process of creating a Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU), a specialized unit within the office that works to prevent, identify and remedy wrongful convictions by conducting fact-based reviews of secured convictions. The CIU will investigate plausible allegations of innocence following a defendants felony conviction that are capable of investigation and review. In addition to reviewing cases, the unit will train prosecutors and investigators on ways the office can operate more efficiently, effectively, and adopt nationally-recognized best practices to help guard against future wrongful convictions. The Marion County Prosecutors Office is seeking a well-qualified candidate whose diverse background reflects an ability to serve the community and pursue a fair and equitable criminal justice system. Conducting an internal investigation which; may include, but not limited to, reviewing agency files, court files, trial and hearing transcripts, appellate and post-conviction legal briefs, and post-conviction hearing transcripts. Conducting an external investigation which may include, but not limited to, visiting the crime scene location, interviewing past and/or new witnesses, convicted persons, and attorneys, re-testing (or testing) of DNA and other forensic evidence, and whatever other means are necessary to explore the claim of innocence. Supervising the Investigative Paralegal and Investigator assigned to the CIU.  Communicating with the victim or family of the victim and the petitioner or petitioners counsel. Working with defense counsel and the community in resolving cases of actual innocence.  Generating a fact-finding summary report. Making recommendations to the Elected Prosecutor as to whether the conviction should stand. Meeting with representatives of other prosecuting offices along with innocence organizations.  Providing enhanced training to prosecutors and investigators to help avoid the pitfalls that can lead to wrongful convictions. All candidates must be admitted to practice law in the State of Indiana. Candidates must have ten (10) or more years of criminal litigation experience involving homicides and/or other serious felonies, including the use of DNA and other forensic science. This experience can be as a prosecutor, criminal defense attorney, innocence organization attorney, former judicial officer, or another applicable area of practice concerning criminal law. Ability to analytically solve issues or problems from inception through conclusion. Excellent writing skills and attention to detail are required.  Exhibit an ability to maintain the confidentiality of information, and work independently of the trial team prosecutors.  A willingness to maintain open channels of communication with other participants in the field of wrongful convictions, including law school clinics, the public defenders offices, private counsel, victims or family of the victims, and defendants. A strong appreciation and commitment to consider criminal cases through the application of unbiased, objective standards. It is the policy of the Marion County Prosecutors Office to provide equal opportunity in employment to all employees and applicants for employment. We seek to recruit talented employees representing diverse backgrounds and perspectives to serve as advocates for our community, and we invite all qualified applicants to apply. No person is to be discriminated against in employment because of race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, or veteran status.Full-time employees are eligible for a comprehensive benefits package including medical insurance, benefit leave and paid holidays, and annuity savings account through the Public Employees Retirement Fund (PERF).

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