Do you have a passion to provide meaningful contributions to your community? Would you like to be part of an organization whose central mission is helping to protect, stabilize and strengthen the lives of South Carolina’s children, families, and vulnerable adults? If so, the SC Department of Social Services has the right job opportunity for you!

We’re looking for an enthusiastic Attorney II to provide professional legal services and representation for assigned county offices, area adoption offices, area IFCCS office, and regional Day Care licensing office, including representation in Family Court on issues relative to child protection, foster care, adoption, adult protection and Economic Services.

The Attorney II represents the agency in all matters pertaining to emergency or non-emergency removal of children and vulnerable adults, termination of parental rights, inspection warrants, in-home protective services, permanency planning, judicial review of children or adults receiving services and any appeals resulting from such actions.

Timely prepares, files and serves or ensures the timely preparation, filing and service of all pleadings, motions, orders, notices, rules to show cause, and other court documents related to representation of the agency in legal actions. Pleadings and proposed orders shall include all determinations required by state and federal law.

Timely conducts case staffing meetings for the purpose of analyzing the legal status of the cases and otherwise advising staff on agency legal matters. Prepares cases for court by conducting and responding to discovery, interviewing, and preparing witnesses and reviewing agency documentation and reports from other sources.

Complies with agency policy, state and federal law with respect to representing the agency in permanency planning hearings and termination of parental rights.

Complies with agency policy, state and federal law regarding the provision of notice of legal proceedings to appropriate parties to agency actions.

Utilizes or ensures the utilization of the Legal Case Management System for legal operations and documentation of legal activity in cases.

Establishes and maintains professional network and attends training sessions in order to enhance individual professionalism. Reviews legislation, statutory changes, and case law decisions and advises staff about the law. Participates in regular agency meetings to discuss and analyze outcomes and determine areas needed for improvement. Conducts in house training for other staff members.

All South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS) Employees are expected to Adopt, Implement, and Promote the Published Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles, While Employed by the Agency.

A Juris Doctorate Degree from an ABA accredited law school and two (2) years of experience as a Practicing Attorney.

A Juris Doctorate Degree from an ABA accredited law school and 18 months of agency experience as a Practicing Attorney.

Special Notice: Must be a member of the South Carolina Bar.

Working knowledge of the laws of South Carolina. Considerable knowledge of state and federal law relating to children and family services and of general statutory law, case law, and common law. Ability to interpret and apply law and judicial decisions. Ability to analyze and synthesize facts, evidence and legal theory and to understand and craft legal pleadings, discovery, and proposed orders. Ability to express arguments and conclusions clearly and logically. Must be a member of the South Carolina Bar.

This application for employment with the SC Department of Social Services must be completed in its entirety. A resume may be included; but shall not be substituted in lieu of the completion of this application in part or in whole. “See Resume” is not acceptable information for the completion of any part of the requirements of this application. If such is submitted, this employment application will be considered incomplete and may not be forwarded as eligible for consideration to hiring managers.

The employee must be able to communicate effectively (written/oral) and write legibly. Must possess a valid driver’s license. May be required to work after hours/some overnight travel and must be able to lift approximately 15-20 lbs.

If you certify, by completion and submission of this application, that you possess educational credentials that qualify you for the available DSS positions, you will be required to provide a certified official transcript, if you are selected for job offer.

DIVISION: Office of the General Counsel / Berkeley County

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