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The Litigation Attorney manages and directs claims-litigation activities and case strategy for designated Shelter states; manages, supervises, hires, fires, monitors, and evaluates performance of outside attorneys; directs and trains claims-handling activities as impacted by state law for assigned Shelter branches and units; Establishes, trains, and directs overall claims-handling protocol consistent with state law; oversees and directs Managers and staff in claims handling, investigation, and communication on critical branch claims; researches law to explain impact on claims handling, Claims procedures, other Shelter departments, and policy-changes proposals; counsels other Shelter departments’ personnel about various claims, coverage, and legal issues; directs and prepares appropriate training for Schools, e-learning, and Branches materials for training claims-related legal issues for Claims Schools, e-learning, and specialized Branch training. Requires the ability to perform the essential functions of the position with or without a reasonable accommodation.

Minimum starting salary: $69,431.00 – $101,994.00

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  • Analyzes incoming litigation files and claims, sets case-handling strategy, and directs defense attorney handling consistent with that strategy.
  • Establishes reserves for cases and counsels branch management on larger claim reserves.
  • Decides whether to settle cases, refer to alternate dispute resolution, or take to trial.
  • Monitors defense counsel and lawsuit handling to ensure consistent with Shelter insurance policies, Shelter practices, and state law.
  • Directs case strategy to ultimate disposition of litigated claims.
  • Advises and trains branch adjusters and management as legal issues impact claims handling.
  • Gives advice on the overall strategy of handling varied claims and lawsuits of particular states.
  • Advises branch adjusters and management on investigating and handling high-exposure claims against insureds or Shelter.
  • Advises branch offices and other Shelter personnel in response to questions and inquiries about pending litigation and other legal issues.
  • Assists in building and monitoring in-house training courses for claims personnel.
  • Conducts financial review of pending and closed litigation files to determine cost versus benefit of continued litigation, and makes resulting determinations regarding ultimate disposition of litigated claims.
  • Researches, prepares materials, and advises Claims Committees in reviewing coverages and compensability of claims.
  • Stays abreast of current laws affecting Shelter claims operations.
  • Conducts file and legal research, maintains legal library, and ensures adequate documentation and substantiation of claims litigation records.
  • Performs other related duties and prepares special reports as requested by the Director of Claims Litigation.
  • Essential Duties as described in this document are general in nature and should not be construed as encompassing all duties and/or functions of this job.
  • Works under general supervision with considerable discretion and directs claims litigation against insureds and Shelter.
  • Advises branch management on handling certain critical claims.
  • Advises branch management on overall claims-handling practices and procedures and policy application as impacted by state cases, statutes, and regulations.
  • Manages loss payments, reserves, and fees and qualified expenses on open lawsuits.
  • Hires, fires, monitors, and evaluates performance of outside defense attorneys.
  • Exercises considerable discretion in determining whether to settle or pursue a lawsuit and how to manage the day-to-day process of pending litigation.
  • This is the skill set for an individual at midpoint of position. Based upon banding of grades, the skills needed may vary.
  • Other duties may be assigned to meet ongoing business needs.
  • Ability to perform essential functions of the job, with or without a reasonable accommodation.


  • Excellent communications, organizational, analytical and decision-making skills.
  • Ability to maintain ever-changing schedules, work well with others, and prioritize critical, important, and time-sensitive work.
  • Ability to develop critical relationships with, and respect from, a diverse group including defense attorneys, adjusters, claimants and their attorneys, judges, and Shelter management and other departments.
  • Law degree and membership in Bar Association, and professional mastery and thorough knowledge of litigation, claims-litigation precedents, legal decisions, insurance law, and policy terms.
  • 1-3 years trial or legal claims experience, and 6-12 months on the job training to learn insurance contracts, claims procedures and policies, jurisdictions and procedures of various courts, and to develop relationships with branches, area attorneys, and other departments.

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