Provides legal counsel on a variety of US legal matters, including labor and employment matters to Airbus companies across the world. Serves as a project leader and legal advisor on a range of corporate special projects upon request. Engages with management and HR teams to provide guidance and direction to achieve a positive employee relations environment at all Airbus companies in the US, in conjunction with the PER strategy and HO Employee relations.

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Manage all employment law related activity for all US entities. With guidance from the head of the business unit, negotiate with outside parties resolve employment related legal claims against all Airbus companies in North America. Manage outside legal counsel as needed.
  2. Manage special legal projects as assigned by the General Counsel, including but not limited to, acquisitions, divestitures, labor contract negotiations, contract analysis, international trade and US federal law and regulation.
  3. With power delegated from the head of the business, communicate and negotiate complex agreements with external parties, creating relations of trust.
  4. Support management of all labor issues in the US, under control of HO employee relations. Direct outside legal counsel and internal HR teams in legally compliant labor relations campaigns. Identify techniques and strategies that are consistent with NLRB rulings and also apply positive administrative and organizational principles to enhance employee relations.
  5. With an understanding of international labor laws, analyze and research the legality of a Works Council approach in the US while remaining compliant with the NLRA. Support HO Employee Relations to work closely with the internal Social Policy teams in Europe to maintain strategic alignment on labor policy, utilizing US labor law precedent where applicable.
  6. Review and improve policies, procedures and related employee communications in compliance with the law. Address sensitive issues and those of mainstream concern such as pay, internal promotions, evolving role of labor unions in the US, etc.
  7. Monitor and analyze US federal law and policy developments and brief executives on potential business impacts.
  8. Analyze and summarize complicated legal documents, including contracts, and make suggestions for alterations of those documents
  9. Develop and deliver trainings for management and Human Resources.
  10. Support external position with Coms, external partners, and Government/Community Relations with counsel and support when needed, as part of PER strategy.
  11. Under the direction of the HO Employee Relations, support deployment of and improvement of all PER tools and processes, specifically the site culture assessment process deployment for the US.
  12. Interject presence into issues with on-site suppliers when there is a negative impact on the employee environment from supplier/vendor behavior either through their processes or their representatives. In concert with FAL managers develop agreements to revise their actions/behaviors.
  13. Perform other duties as assigned.

Additional Responsibilities:

Qualified Experience / Skills / Training:

5 or more years engaged in the practice of law with an emphasis on casework dealing with labor and employment issues.

Experience with a state or federal agency responsible for enforcement of labor and employment law is desirable.

Experience with a legislative body, committee or sub-committee responsible for the development of labor and employment-related laws is also desirable.

Experience with a professional organization supporting or lobbying on employment related issues is desirable.

Education / Special Qualifications:

A J.D. from a licensed law school.

Admission to the bar in Alabama, New York or Virginia.

Currency with CLE credits.

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