Uprooted Platinum is now hiring and looking for the next best candidate to join our team! We are currently hiring for our Sales and Customer Service Associate position. Think you have what it takes to be a part of the coolest team in Maryland? Send us your resume so we can meet you!
What You’ll Do
Be a part of a dynamic team that creates business solutions unmatched by competitors
Provide Sales & Marketing services that fit into the big picture of what drives every great company
Face to face sales interactions with business clients
Develop self-confidence and professional, public speaking skills
Have fun at work – which will continue to create a successful company culture
Develop & Manage a relationship with a growing client basis
Develop a strong foundation of leadership skills

Unlimited career growth and opportunity
Strong team environment
National company travel opportunities
Team building work environment
Personal and professional coaching
Leadership development
Promotion and pay based on performance, not seniority!
Job Requirements
Degree preferred, but not required
Excellent communication skills
Ambition, strong work ethic, and open to new ideas
Competitive personality
Highly coachable team player
Self-Driven and problem-solving skills

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