Hate being told what to do? Have a HUGE aversion to authority?
Ready to build something on your own?
We’re looking for strong-willed people to help us build our empire. We don’t want just another cog in the machine, we want an individual with an entrepreneurial mind and something new to bring to the table.
We’re an outsourced marketing and sales company, focusing on customer acquisition and customer service for our clients. Our clients come to us because of our unique sense of style.
We pride ourselves on the results we bring our clients and the open-minded approach we take to get there.
– face to face client presentations
– carry out new and existing sales and marketing strategies
– train, manage, and maintain teams of people
– manage various accounts on behalf of our clients
The Right Candidate Will Be:
– Outgoing and talkative
– Eager to learn and grow
– Looking to develop both personally and professionally
– Hard Working and Dedicated

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