As an Emergency Communications Technician Shift Supervisor, you will ensure the effective dispatch of emergency and communication centers calls for the Airports Authority. <br /><br />Works under the Public Safety Communications Center Deputy Manager.<br /><br />Serves in the Public Safety Communications Center (PSCC) of the Office of Public Safety, located at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. <br /><br />Performs as first-level supervisor for a shift of Emergency Communications Technicians (ECTs), ensuring call in-take and proper dispatch of police, fire, and emergency medical services (EMS) communications for Airports Authority locations, or to mutual aid jurisdictions. When required, performs call-taking/dispatch duties. Performs related functions.<br /><br /><b> GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES </b><br /><br />Supervises a shift of ECTs to ensure calls are correctly directed and responses comply with standard operating procedures and all legal, technical, and other administrative guidelines. <br /><br />Leads, models, and trains subordinates in proper broadcast procedures, including tone of voice, message construction, terminology, and transmission style. <br /><br />Receives calls for service or identifies the need for service by monitoring various media, as needed during staff shortages and emergencies.<br /><br />Assists in the implementation of Incident Command (IC) for natural and man-made emergencies.<br /><br />Guides and coaches ECTs certified as Communication Training Officers (CTOs).<br /><br />Remains current in the field of public safety communications, particularly concerning airports and roads.<br /><br />Develops and documents procedures for police, fire, and EMS communications.<br /><br />Performs operator-level maintenance on public safety communication equipment, as needed<br /><br />Provides credible testimony in court.<br /><br />Attends in-service, mandatory, basic, advanced, and specialized training to acquire and maintain skills.<br /><br />May represent PSCC management in meetings as subject matter experts.<br /><br />Performs other duties as assigned.<br /><br /><b> QUALIFICATIONS </b><br /><br />Four years of progressively responsible experience in public safety communications in an emergency call center as a full performance level public safety dispatcher.<br /><br />Be able to:<br /><br />obtain certification as a VCIN Operator or obtain or recertify VCIN Operator certification within 30 days of Date of Hire.<br /><br />pass comprehensive medical examination including drug screening and vision;<br /><br />pass an online, computer-administered skills and ability test; and<br /><br />pass a psychological examination.<br /><br />Ability to follow public safety and emergency dispatch functions, policies, and procedures. <br /><br />Skill in the use of a variety of public safety communications equipment to take and record calls and dispatch police, fire, and EMS units. <br /><br />Knowledge of supervisory principles and ability to manage the operations and programs of the unit/team.<br /><br />Ability to speak and write in English effectively, including using appropriate and effective tone of voice and other speech characteristics to give clear instructions.<br /><br />Ability to successfully complete the On-the-Job training within 520 hours. <br /><br />Knowledge of and ability to apply adult learning principles and instructional design techniques sufficient to design, deliver, and supervise training of ECTs. <br /><br />Ability to make detailed analyses of data and information and make recommendations. <br /><br />Skill in using a computer, modern office suite software, with emphasis on computer-aided dispatch systems and public safety databases.<br /><br />Ability to make detailed analyses of data and information and make recommendations. <br /><br /><b> PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS </b><br /><br />National Incident Management System (NIMS) 100, 200, and 700 Series Police/Fire training from the Federal Emergency Management Agency Emergency Management Institute.<br /><br />Certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) from the American Heart Association (AHA) or equivalent.<br /><br />Certification in Automated External Defibrillation (AED) from the American Heart Association (AHA).<br /><br />Certification in Emergency Medical Dispatching per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) National Standard Curriculum or an equivalent certification.<br /><br />An Associates or a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Emergency Management, Learning Development, Human Resources Development, Personnel Administration, or a related field.<br /><br />APCO Registered Public Safety Leader or NENA Emergency Number Professional<br /><br /><b> EDUCATION </b><br /><br />A high school diploma or a Certificate of General Educational Development (GED).<br /><br /><b> CERTIFICATIONS AND LICENSES REQUIRED </b><br /><br />A state driver's license in good standing.<br /><br />Certification as a National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and Virginia Criminal Information Network (VCIN) Operator within 6 months of hire, promotion, or placement in the job.<br /><br />Certification as a Communications Training Officer (CTO) from the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International, or an equivalent certification.<br /><br /><b> NECESSARY SPECIAL FACTORS </b><br /><br />Works rotating shifts, weekends, and holidays and during periods of inclement weather.<br /><br />May be subject to hold over or recall on a 24-hour basis for essential services and emergencies. <br /><br />Communicates verbally and in writing and with first responders via radio communications in a high paced environment.<br /><br />May experience job pressure from accountability for 24-hour operations, and multiple incoming/outgoing calls and communications during peak periods or emergencies.<br /><br />Work is typically reviewed in progress and upon completion for quantity, quality, timeliness, teamwork, customer service, and other factors.<br /><br />#WP<br /><br /><b>A background security investigation will be required for all new hires.</b> <br /><br />Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer.| <b>Follow us on Twitter MWAAcareers.</b>

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