Totransport and deliver material and/or equipment by driving a DOT Regulatedpower unit (typically two and three axle dump trucks), with a gross vehicleweight rating of 26,001 pounds or more, for varying distances on and aroundheavy construction project sites safely and efficiently.


  • Perform frequent lifting, pulling, pushing, and carrying ofmaterial of various weights.
  • Secure all shipments by tying down, covering or bracing materials,as required.
  • Inspect trucks for defects and safe operating condition before,during, and after trips and submit a written report (Drivers VehicleInspection Report DVIR) on the condition of the truck at the end of each tripor tour of duty.
  • Check shipping papers to determine the nature of load and to checkfor the presence of hazardous materials.
  • When hazardous materials are present, check:
  • Proper preparation of shipping papers,
  • Agreement between information on shipping papers and markings andlabeling on freight; and,
  • Ascertain that vehicle is properly placarded.
  • Drive truck to destination in accordance with federal regulations,normally in periods of up to eleven (11) hours of driving followed by anoff-duty period of at least ten (10) consecutive hours. May drive only if eight(8) hours or less have passed since the end of the drivers last off-duty orsleeper-berth period of at least thirty (30) minutes.
  • Apply knowledge of commercial driving and skills in maneuveringvehicle at varying speeds in difficult situations, such as heavy traffic,inclement weather, or in tight loading areas on and around congested heavyconstruction project sites.
  • Ensure that all shipment documentation (e.g., manifest, securityseal sheets, bills of lading, shipping orders, or freight bills, etc.) requiredto move with shipments is available for inspection and that appropriatepaperwork accompanies shipment when delivered.
  • Maintain records required for compliance with state and federalregulations including drivers’ logs, records of fuel purchases, mileagerecords, and other records required by law.
  • Perform all duties in accordance with company policies andprocedures, and comply with all federal, state, and local regulations for thesafe operation of a commercial motor vehicle on heavy construction projectsites.
  • Report all accidents involving driver or company equipment. Reporthighway safety hazards noted en route.
  • Promptly report any delays due to breakdowns, weather or trafficconditions or other emergencies, or in the event of irregularities relating toloading or delivery of materials.
  • The safe and legal operation of a commercial motor vehicle on andaround a congested heavy construction project site.
  • Safe and timely presentation of materials from origin todestination on or around a congested heavy construction project site.
  • Proper loading and unloading of materials to assure safety ofloaded materials and minimal risk/danger to people.
  • Proper handling and accurate completion of all necessary paperworkrelated to truck operations and materials movements.
  • Professional representation of the company through responsibledriving.


  • Must possess a valid Commercial Driver’s License (Class A or ClassB with Hazardous endorsements).
  • Must have an acceptable Motor Vehicle Record
  • Must have 2 year previous Commercial Motor Vehicle drivingexperience on heavy construction project sites.
  • Must have the ability to read, write, and speak in English, andperform simple mathematical calculations with general mental ability to handlereceipts, read maps, road signs, maintain logs, etc.
  • Must have good oral communication skills.
  • Must be able to followwritten directions and take directions verbally, as well as via two-way radioor by phone.


  • Must have working knowledge of vehicle safety and control systems.
  • Must have knowledge of DOT regulations governing safe driving,hours of service, inspection and maintenance, and transportation of hazardousmaterials.
  • Must meet or exceed the medical standards of the U.S Dept. ofTransportation.
  • Must satisfactorily pass a drug test.
  • Must satisfactorily pass an alcohol test (if applicable).
  • Must meet the medical criteria required by the company physicaland according to Federal DOT regulations/requirements.
  • Must be able to frequently reach for materials at waist level andfrequently reach for materials about shoulder height or below waist level.
  • Must be able to occasionally reach above shoulder level, at waistlevel, and below waist level for maneuvering and direction the controls tooperate the truck.
  • Must be able to lock and release pintle-hooks, attach and releasesafety chains, climb into and out of vehicles, fuel vehicles and check engineoil and coolant levels.
  • Drivers may be subject to irregular work schedules, temperatureand weather extremes, short notice for assignment and other stresses andfatigue related to driving a large commercial motor vehicle on crowded streetsand highways, on congested heavy construction project sites, and in all kindsof weather including icy conditions.
  • Drivers typically spend 75%of on-duty time in the truck. While driving, operators are exposed to heavyconstruction equipment, noise and vibration levels which may be higher thanthose typically experienced in passenger cars.


Ifapplicable to the project, etc.


NP=NotPresent, O=Occasionally (0-33%), F=Frequently (34-66%), C=Constantly (67-100%)

Standing O Walking O Sitting C Pushing 70 ft-lb Pulling 70 ft-lb Climbing F Balancing F Bending Stooping O Kneeling O Crouching O Crawling O Reaching C Handling C Fingering F Feeling Vision Hearing Lifting (lbs) Carrying (lbs) <phone number removed> lb 25-50 50 lb

Required Qualifications

  • None

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