Job Overview: Raises, places and unites girders, columns and other structural steel members to form completed structures or structure framework, working as member of crew.The role of a Foreman is to assist the General Foreman in providing leadership, direction and supervision of craft workers; to provide coordination in order that crafts work in a safe and productive manner. They evaluate, monitor and report on work progression, whilst ensuring that all works are conducted in compliance and in line with man-hour budget.This person is to have a full working knowledge of their craft sector, to be aware of industry/legislative changes, safety protocols, relevant certifications (for personnel or equipment).Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities:

  • Sets up hoisting equipment, raising and placing structural-steel members, with basic rigging knowledge for raising and placing structural steel members.
  • Fastens steel members to cable of hoist, using chain, cable or rope.
  • Signals worker operating hoisting equipment to lift and place steel members.
  • Guides member, using tag line in order to guide it into position.
  • Pulls, pushes or pries steel members into approximate position while member is supported by hoisting device.
  • Forces members into final position, using turnbuckles, crowbars, jacks and hand tools.
  • Aligns bolt holes in steel member using drift pins or spud wrenches.
  • Verifies vertical and horizontal alignment of members using plumb bob and level. Bolts align members to keep them in position until they can be permanently bolted or welded in place.
  • Cuts and welds steel members to make alterations using oxyacetylene welding equipment and supplies.
  • Loads, transports, unloads material, tools, equipment and supplies.
  • May assist in lifting, positioning and securing of materials and work pieces during installation.
  • Performs minor maintenance or cleaning activities of tools and equipment.
  • Responsible for observing and complying with all safety and project rules, including wearing required personal safety equipment.
  • Performs other duties as required.
  • Plan and coordinate labor requirements.
  • Evaluating performance against schedule.
  • Closing out Punch list items as allocated.
  • Advising General Foreman of any issues, impacts, risks or potential costs (financial or time).
  • Maintaining and updating short range look ahead.
  • Maintain and monitor company and project specific HSE plans, ensuring awareness and compliance is asserted.
  • Monitors and reports on cost and man-hour budgets.

Basic Qualifications:

  • NCCER or equivalent certification with relevant experience.
  • Minimum of 12 months documented field experience at Journeyman 3 level in chosen craft discipline.
  • Must have the ability to read and interpret instructions and documentation.
  • Experience in maintaining short range look ahead plans.
  • Experience in monitoring cost and man-hour budgets.

Desired/Preferred Qualifications:

  • Has knowledge of commonly-used concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field.
  • Relies on instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform the functions of the job.
  • Works under immediate supervision. Primary job functions do not typically require exercising independent judgment. Typically reports to a supervisor or manager.
  • Work within precise limits to standards of accuracy.
  • Apply shop mathematics to solve problems.
  • Plan work and select proper tools.
  • Compare and see differences in size, shape and form of lines, figures and objects.
  • Picture solid objects from drawings or diagrams.
  • Rate information using standards that can be measured or checked.
  • Basic understanding of IT systems, including: Email, MS Office (Excel), etc.
  • Communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Experience in adhering to, monitoring and implementing project HSE policies.
  • Must supply own tools appropriate for basic tasks.

Other Details:If applicable to the project, etc.Physical Requirements:NP=Not Present, O=Occasionally (0-33%), F=Frequently (34-66%), C=Constantly (67-100%)StandingFWalkingOSittingOPushingFPullingFClimbingCBalancingCBendingOStoopingOKneelingOCrouchingOCrawlingOReachingCHandlingCFingeringCFeelingFVisionFHearingFLifting (lbs)Carrying (lbs)0-10F0-10F10-25F10-25F25-50F25-50F

Company Overview:

McDermott is a premier, fully-integrated provider of technology, engineering and construction solutions to the energy industry. For more than a century, customers have trusted McDermott to design and build end-to-end infrastructure and technology solutionsfrom the wellhead to the storage tankto transport and transform oil and gas into the products the world needs today.

Required Qualifications

  • None

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