Job Overview:

McDermott has animmediate opening for a Sr. Principal Estimator in Houston, TX. The Sr. Principal Estimator will collect andanalyze data to estimate the cost related to labor, equipment, direct andindirect components required for the execution of a specific job. 

Key Responsibilities /Duties/ Accountabilities:

  • Provide guidance andleadership to the Functional Estimators, and Bench Markers.
  • Ensure that theEstimates produced are of the highest quality and technically compliant.
  • Support and Assist theEstimating Manager, as required.
  • Work with Proposal teamto prepare estimates and bids for clients
  • Attend to all tenderrelated meetings
  • Understand the Proposalrequirements and direct attention to those areas that appear inconsistent orcontain a high-risk element
  • Read the technicaldocuments to prepare a proper estimate
  • Gather information andinput from functions with support from project manager
  • Consult with SME todiscuss estimates and resolve issues.
  • Create Estimate with available bench marks and from experience prior toreceiving the inputs from functions and evaluate the estimates received fromfunctions against the internal estimate.
  • Give regular updates to the department manager /immediate supervisor andhighlight any concerns with regards to anything that might potentiallyjeopardize submitting a competitive proposal.
  • Analyze the cost components that are critical / crucial and seek quotesfor only those items. Other items to be costed internally.
  • Attend and participate in Bid review meetings, estimate evaluationmeetings, Risk assessment meetings etc. as required
  • Analyze and comment the execution plans of the project
  • Prepare a comprehensive Basis of Estimate (BOE) to be discussed andreviewed with managers.
  • Accurately predicting the cost, size, and duration of future Project isvital to the survival of businesses. Cost estimators calculations givemanagers this information.
  • Analyze many inputs in order to determine how much time, money, and labora project needs and how profitable it will be. These estimates have to takemany factors into account, including allowances for wasted material, badweather, shipping delays, and other factors that can increase costs and lowerprofitability.
  • Cost estimators can avail of the help from the benchmarking teamanalyzing information on the costs from other similar projects and prepare therelevant benchmark report.
  • Assure that the estimate Is:
    • Completed in a timelymanner
    • Cognizant of the BidWin Strategy
    • Accurate, free of errors,omission or hidden contingency
    • In line with theagreed execution plan
    • Evaluate and Recommendways to be more cost effective or profitable

  Basic Qualifications:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Minimum of 10 years experience in the oil& gas industry (Strong LNG, Petro Chemical and Refining)
  • Cost estimation experience preferably in theOil & Gas industry at a Senior or Supervisory level.
  • Must Work overtime sometimes to meet deadlines.
  • Intermediate/Advancedlevel in MS Office systems e.g. Excel, Word, Power Point.
  • Analyticalskills – Accurately evaluating detailed specifications is crucial to a costestimators success.
  • Detail oriented – Cost estimators must payattention to small details because such details may have a large impact on aproducts overall cost.
  • Timemanagement skills – Cost estimators often work on fixed deadlines, they mustplan their work in advance and work efficiently and accurately.
  • Writingskills – Cost estimators must be able to write detailed reports. Often, thesereports determine the management decision on the commercial approach.


  • Degree in Engineering, Business, Finance, or Math.
  • Knowledgeof Estimating Software (RIB ICE, ITWO ICE, Cleopatra, ICARUS)

Company Overview:

McDermott is a premier,fully-integrated provider of technology, engineering and construction solutionsto the energy industry. For more than a century, customers have trustedMcDermott to design and build end-to-end infrastructure and technologysolutionsfrom the wellhead to the storage tankto transport and transform oiland gas into the products the world needs today.

Required Qualifications

  • None

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