Our client, an international Exploration and Production Operator, is currently seeking a Document Control Administrator to join their Prudhoe Bay team in Alaska. This has immediate opening with competitive pay and benefits package, with a matching 401K.

Job Description:

This position is responsible for Project Documentation Management. Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Manage, QA/QC, Process & Distribute System Turnover Packages
  • Process and track Redlines received from Turnover Packages; As-Found in field, FCO and Automation.
  • Process Project Documentation & Drawings (Vendor Data, IWLs, etc.)
  • SPOC for all Technical Documentation for Alaska Facilities; ensure requested drawings from engineering contractors are the appropriate revisions and checked-out in and accordance with the Engineering Document and Approval Management System ‘EDAM’.
  • Responsible for the re-structuring of all Alaska technical documentation to comply with the EDAM / Safety Environmental Management System ‘SEMS’ Procedure(s) and Sharesite.
  • Maintain site permissions for EDAM/SEMS; assist users as needed
  • Coordinate with the PSM Procedure Development SPOC to QA/QC Procedures and assign appropriate O&M Procedure numbers; Track. log and maintain MDRs and EDAM/SEMS Sharsite with all approved finalized Procedures.
  • Drafting – picking up Redlines and Administrative Changes on project drawings in AutoCAD.

This position also serves as administrative support for Construction, Logistics, Small Projects & Drilling. This includes but is not limited to:

  • IT Support, Daily Report Preparation & Distribution
  • Managing and tracking Fuel Usage for all onsite Equipment and Fuel Deliveries
  • Tracking Man Hours for EOM reporting to Safety
  • Managing and tracking all personnel and cargo movement via bus/van, barge, crew boat, pisten bully, Hovercraft, Helicopter, etc. and responsible for the EOM reporting to the Logistics Database (LOGIS)
  • Office Supply ordering/tracking/distributing
  • Logistics R&R schedule and time-sheets.
  • Manage all travel requests and billeting requests for the CMG/Contractor, Logistics, Small Projects, Maintenance & Drilling personnel
  • Medevac Coordinator – Document Events & Coordinate a Fixed Wing Aircraft in a Medical Emergency Situation; which consists of coordinating the air ambulance and working closely with the Medic for whatever they may need.

Required Qualifications

  • Diploma or equivalent

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