Job Description and Duties

The Department of Toxic Substances Control (Department) Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) provides legal support to the Department. Under the general direction of the Chief Counsel, the incumbent manages legal staff and other staff in OLC, performs administrative duties, and serves as a member of OLC’s senior management team.
Program Support
Provides legal advice and assistance to the Department’s management as the OLC’s liaison to the Permitting Division of Hazardous Waste Management Program and the Safer Products and Workplaces Program. Oversees legal consistency and formulates legal policy pertaining to the implementation of applicable laws and regulations, including the Hazardous Waste Control Act (Health & Saf. Code, division 20, chapter 6.5), and the Hazardous Substance Account Act (State Superfund law) (Health & Saf. Code, division 20, chapter 6.8), Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) (42 U.S.C. § 6901 et seq.), and Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (42 U.S.C. § 9601 et seq.). Provides legal recommendations and other legal support concerning proposed legislation and regulations, complex litigation, and statewide program initiatives affecting the Department. Meets with the Deputy Director and other program managers on a regular basis to coordinate legal support.
Litigation and Other Proceedings
Represents the Department in negotiations, litigation, legislative hearings, and meetings with State or outside agencies and organizations. For these hearings/meetings, incumbent prepares or reviews legal documents as required, including without limitation: legislation, regulations, policy documents, bill analyses, contracts, and correspondence. Reviews case referrals to the Office of the Attorney General and other prosecuting agencies. Coordinates case management issues with the Office of the Attorney General and other prosecuting agencies.
Personnel Management
Plans, organizes, directs and provides managerial review of the work performed by staff in OLC. Provides regular and timely written performance appraisals to staff. Counsels staff and initiates disciplinary actions as necessary. Recruits, hires, trains, develops and provides leadership to staff. Complies with state and federal laws, rules, regulations, bargaining unit contracts, and policies in all personnel practices, including, but not limited to: hiring, employee development and management. Identifies appropriate long-range plans and goals to address succession planning and knowledge transfer.
Assistant to Chief Counsel
As a member of senior management for OLC, advises the Chief Counsel on office organizational issues, legal issues and state-wide policy issues. Assists and supports the Chief Counsel and the Director in Departmental legal policy formation and implementation, in cooperation with other entities within California State government. Works on special projects relating to statewide or Department-wide policy issues.
Procedural Development and Training
Develops model documents, legal forms, and legal policies and procedures affecting the Department’s functions, roles and responsibilities. Conducts legal training on state and federal laws and regulations for Departmental staff.
Administrative Duties
Performs administrative duties including, but not limited to: adheres to Department policies, rules and procedures; submits administrative requests including leave, overtime, travel, and training in a timely and appropriate manner; accurately reports time in the Daily Log system; and submits timesheets by the due date.
Other Duties
Performs other duties as required to support the functions of OLC.

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