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Customer Service Representative
Your Duties as a Customer Service Representative will Include:
Skilled customer service interaction
Seeking to understand what customers need
Tracking and reporting daily sales
Participating in marketing events
Acting as liaison between clients and customers
Providing prices when asked
Assisting account managers through interfacing with clients
What We Require of You:
Our Company brings our clients’ products to the public through live direct marketing events. As a Customer Service Representative of both the client .., we require that you:
Keep an upbeat and positive outlook at all times
Remember that the customer is always right
Bring excellence in customer service to the table
Be a vital part of the team
Remember to smile the warmest, most genuine smile in your arsenal!
Customer Service Attributes We Are Looking For
Although it would be nice to have a background in customer service, it isn’t necessary. If you have the following attributes, you will be perfect as a Customer Service Representative:
Have excellent communications skills
Have the ability to talk to people from all walks of life
Are eager to learn and grow along with the team
Have the ability to act responsibly and with accountability
Have an enthusiastic nature and exhibit genuine motivation
Have the ability to work independently or with the team as required
Educational Requirements
A degree in marketing or communications would be excellent, but it is not needed. As long as you have a high school diploma and are able to communicate well, we will consider you for the Customer Service Representative position. It would be a plus if you:
Have advanced courses in communications or marketing
Studied at least one foreign language
Have post-secondary business classes
Education in marketing and/or business would be helpful, but it is not necessary as our team is looking for a winning personality. We can train you to be a dynamic Customer Service Representative if you have the character suited for the position.
Simply click on the ‘Apply’ button to send your resume. We look forward to hearing from you!
It would be a huge plus if you have following work experiences: Customer Service Adviser, Customer Service Representative, Customer Service Officer, Customer Service Associate, Customer Service Assistant, Customer Service Supervisor, Customer Service Coordinator, Customer Service Consultant, and Customer Service Agent. Sales Adviser, Sales Representative, Sales Officer, Sales Associate, Sales Assistant, Sales Supervisor, Sales Coordinator, Sales Consultant, and Sales Agent. Marketing Adviser, Marketing Representative, Marketing Officer, Marketing Associate, Marketing Assistant, Marketing Supervisor, Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Consultant, and Marketing Agent. General Business, Entrepreneurship, Summer Job Experience, Entry Leve Role, Promotions, Retail, Direct Advertising, Sports Minded, Sports Enthusiast, Competitive Mindset, Business Development, Business, Internship, Management Trainee, Full Time, Part Time, Bilingual

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