<b>Position Information</b><br /><br />Arlington County's Department of Libraries is seeking a part-time, 20 hours per week Library Associate to assist and maintain the library's adult collections. The employee will gain experience in a full array of library duties, including reference, readers' advisory, programming, and circulation. The employee will assist customers and perform a variety of tasks to ensure the successful operation of a public library with a diverse population, including people with limited English skills.<br /><br />Specific duties include:<ul> <li>Providing customer service assistance to patrons in general reference, readers' advisory, and circulation in person at a single service desk, by telephone or email; <li>Resolving complaints and issues, and generally assisting with customers who may need assistance navigating Library resources or policies; <li>Assisting, instructing, and monitoring patrons in the use of library resources and assisting/training patrons in the use of specialized equipment; <li>Providing support for adult programs; <li>Participating in the maintenance of library collections; <li>Serving on committee, teams, or working group and supervise volunteers as needed.</li></li></li></li></li></li></ul><br /><br /><b>Selection Criteria</b><br /><br /><strong>Minimum</strong>: Bachelor's degree in Library Science or related field plus one year of experience in library procedures that include the following:<ul> <li>Providing customer service with circulation of materials and readers advisory; <li>Assuming responsibility for the branch when management is not present in the building; and <li>Selection/maintenance of library collections.</li></li></li></ul><strong>Substitution</strong>: Additional qualifying related experience may be substituted for the education requirement on a year-for-year basis. A Master's degree in Library Science or Library and Information Science may substitute for the one year of experience in library procedures.<br /><br /><strong>Desirable</strong>: Preference may be given to candidates with one or more of the following:<ol> <li>Experience with supporting adult programming efforts via a library setting; <li>Working with diverse populations and/or; <li>Teaching and/or training, especially in technology.</li></li></li></ol><br /><br /><b>Additional Information</b><br /><br /><strong>Work Hours:</strong> 20 hours per week, including evening and weekend hours. Actual work schedule will be determined upon appointment based on the needs of the work location. Work hours for this position will mainly cover evenings and every Saturday; daytime shifts may be assigned as needed.<br /><br />The employee will be assigned to one of the Arlington Library locations; the current vacancy is at the Westover Library, 1644 North McKinley Road, Arlington, VA 22205.<br /><br />Incomplete applications will not be considered. In order to receive full credit for your experience, please ensure that you have included details of all relevant work experience on your application and have completed the Supplemental Questionnaire in its entirety.<br /><br />Please note that the salary listed above is effective starting July 1, 2019.<br /><br />Arlington County Government employee benefits depend on whether a position is permanent, the number of hours worked, and the number of months the position is scheduled.<br /><br />Specific information on benefits and conditions of employment can be found on the Arlington County Human Resources Department website: www.arlingtonva.us/pers.<br /><br /><strong>Permanent, Full-Time Appointments</strong><br />All jobs are permanent, full-time appointments unless otherwise stated in the announcement. The following benefits are available:<br /><br />Paid Leave : Vacation leave is earned at the rate of four hours biweekly. Leave accrual increases every three years until eight hours of leave are earned biweekly for twelve or more years of service. Sick leave is earned at the rate of four hours biweekly. There are eleven paid holidays each year.<br /><br />Health and Dental Insurance : Three group health insurance plans are offered – a network open access plan, a point-of-service plan, and a health maintenance organization. A group dental insurance plan is also offered. The County pays a significant portion of the premium for these plans for employees and their dependents. A discount vision plan is provided for eye care needs.<br /><br />Life Insurance : A group term policy of basic life insurance is provided at no cost to employees. The benefit is one times annual salary. Additional life insurance is available with rates based on the employee's age and smoker/non-smoker status.<br /><br />Retirement : The County offers three vehicles to help you prepare for retirement: a defined benefit plan, a defined contribution plan (401(a)), and a deferred compensation plan (457). The defined benefit plan provides a monthly retirement benefit based on your final average salary and years of service with the County. You contribute a portion of your salary on a pre-tax basis to this plan. General employees contribute 4% of pay; uniformed public safety employees contribute 7.5% of pay. Employees become vested in the plan at five years of service. The County also contributes to this plan. <br /><br />For general employees, the County also contributes 4.2% of pay to a defined contribution plan (401(a)) . The County also matches your 457 contribution, up to $20 per pay period, in this plan. The 457 deferred compensation plan allows you to set aside money on either a pre-tax (457b) or post-tax (457 Roth) basis up to the IRS annual limit. New employees are automatically enrolled with a pre-tax contribution equal to 2% of your base pay.<br /><br />Other Benefits: The County also offers health, dependent care, and parking flexible spending accounts; long-term care insurance; tuition assistance; transit and walk/bike to work subsidies; a college savings plan; wellness programs; training opportunities; and a variety of other employee benefits.<br /><br /><strong>Permanent, Part-Time Appointments:</strong><br />Part time employees who work ten or more hours per week receive paid leave and benefits in proportion to the number of hours worked per week.<br /><br /><strong>Limited Term Appointments:</strong><br />Benefits are the same as permanent appointments except that the employees do not achieve permanent status.<br /><br /><strong>Temporary Regular Appointments:</strong><br />Temporary regular employees who work 30 hours or more per week are eligible for health, dental, and basic life insurance as described above. They are also eligible for vacation, sick leave, and paid holidays. <br /><br /><strong>Temporary Seasonal and Occasional Appointments: </strong><br />Temporary employees who work on a seasonal basis or variable hours receive sick leave, but do not normally receive other paid leave or benefits. Exceptions are noted in individual announcements.<br /><br />01 <br /><br />What is your highest level of education: <ul> <li>High School or equivalent</li> <li>Some College</li> <li>AA or 60 semester hours</li> <li>BA/BS related to position</li> <li>BA/BS not related to position</li> </ul> <br /><br />02 <br /><br />Do you have a Master's degree in Library Science or Library and Information Science? <ul> <li>Yes</li> <li>No</li> </ul> <br /><br />03 <br /><br />How much experience do you have in library procedures that include the following: <ul>Community outreach to promote the library and its services. Developing a variety of programs for adult learners. Selection/maintenance of library collections.</ul> <ul> <li>None</li> <li>Less than 1 year</li> <li>1 but less than 2 years</li> <li>2 years or more</li> </ul> <br /><br />04 <br /><br />Please check if you have knowledge of and/or experience with the following (check all that apply): <ul> <li>Experience with supporting adult programming efforts via a library setting</li> <li>Working with diverse populations</li> <li>Teaching and/or training, especially in the area of technology</li> <li>None of the above</li> </ul> <br /><br />Required Question

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