<p>Under general supervision of a principal and/or other designated administrator, plans and implements an instructional program and provides related educational services for students. </p>
<p>Manages student behavior, assesses and evaluates student achievement, and modifies instructional activities, as required; carries out a variety of student monitoring and controls activities; performs related duties as required or assigned.</p><p>* Provides school level supervision of standardized testing programs to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal policies<br />* Assists the principal/assistant principal in establishing and coordinating schedules for school testing programs<br />* Serves as a school level resource in regard to decisions about student participation in testing programs<br />* Assumes responsibility for ordering tests, both paper/pencil and online<br />* Ensures school level compliance with all test security requirements<br />* Trains school staff in administration of standardized tests<br />* Implements and supervises school level administration of standardized testing programs, including but not limited to the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) assessments, the Virginia Alternate Assessment Program (VAAP), the Virginia Substitute Evaluation Program (VSEP), the Virginia Modified Achievement Standards Test (VMAST), English language proficiency testing, and other testing responsibilities, as required<br />* Monitors examiner level compliance with all requirements of Test Security Guidelines, and follows established reporting requirements for policy infractions<br />* Ensures accuracy of student demographic and test data<br />* Serves as a school level resource regarding testing programs and interpretation of assessment data<br />* Maintains school level testing records in compliance with Library of Virginia Records Retention and Disposition Schedule, as well as local policy<br />* Meets as required throughout the year with other School Test Coordinators and the Supervisor of Testing Services</p>
<p><strong>ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIP:</strong></p><p>A person in this position reports to the Principal and/or Assistant Principal.</p><p>* Have exceptional organizational skills<br />* A proven ability to consistently meet deadlines<br />* Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills<br />* Experience in staff training and supervision<br />* A broad knowledge of the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL), as well as assessment requirements for state accreditation and federal accountability<br />* Well developed skills in spreadsheet data processing<br />* Expertise with a wide range of computer applications<br />* Demonstrates the professional and personal characteristics necessary for working effectively with school personnel</p>

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