Triumph Consulting Solutions, Inc. is a sales and marketing company based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. We represent large corporations and Fortune 500 companies in service-based industries. We drive revenue by acquiring new business customers through face-to-face interaction.
Core Values
COMPETITION – We are a driven group of energetic professionals who truly love what we do. Our entrepreneurial-minded team is motivated to produce results for our clients at the highest, most competitive level. We strive for excellence in everything we do.
INTEGRITY – It’s simple: we believe in doing the right thing, whether or not someone is watching. We believe in choosing what’s right over what’s convenient. We believe in honesty, transparency and that there’s no such thing as a temporary lapse in integrity.
LEADERSHIP – Strong leadership is at the core of our success. We believe in leadership by example and are dedicated to the development of our people. We specialize in coaching and developing young professionals to become future business leaders.
CULTURE – Everything we do is with growth and expansion in mind. We want to have a culture of success, people hitting their personal career goals, and advancing their roles within the company. We will triple in size within the next year and our new offices will be run by managers who have started at the entry level and earned their positions through a merit-based advancement structure.
TEAMWORK – Everyone on our team is treated as a vital part of success, from the newest person in our room up to the CEO, we meet on a daily/weekly basis. We have open dialogue, we have fun socials outside of work to build genuine relationships with our peers, we travel to new markets / conferences across the country together, and develop strong comradery within the walls of our office so we can win as a united group.
We are looking for rockstars to join our sales and marketing team IMMEDIATELY. If your resume shows that you possess people skills, we will be in contact.
This is an entry level position that provides opportunity for advancement if qualified. If you can think on your feet, enjoy the company of others and are spirited then you’ll fit right in on our team!
Why waste anymore time? APPLY NOW!
Increase sales
Set sales goals
Hit sales goals
Give sales presentations
Greet customers
Understand the customers needs and wants
Answer questions and concerns
Have knowledge of all products and services
Use sales and marketing techniques
Provide customers with a great experience

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