Job Title: Conference Support Specialist, French speaking

Department: Customer Care

Job Title Reporting To: Team Lead

Primary Purpose of the Position

The Conference Support Specialist acquires all skills to provide quality service to customers by answering incoming client lines, handling their requests, and moving them to the proper service location or audio conference call. The Conference Support Specialist provides support to executives and professionals on a daily basis. The Specialist is well prepared, confident, and multi-tasks while maintaining high quality customer service. The Conference Support Specialist may be called upon to assist in solving last minute technical, event, planning, or event coordination issues. The Specialist also presents a professional demeanor at all times towards clients, other associates, and management.

Note: Answering lines effectively is a basic, fundamental skill of the job. Each Specialist is required to become proficient at this level and then progress in a timely manner to a Senior Conference Support Specialist level based upon business need.

Duties, Responsibilities, and Physical and Mental Demands **

Customer Focus —
Support the Customer Care organization’s Vision, Mission, and Value Statement
Exhibit flexibility and a professional attitude at all times with clients, co-workers, and managers
Answer all incoming lines within the guidelines and protocols established
Assist all callers in a timely manner
Routinely check the holding queue for callers needing assistance
Follow all scripting and special instructions when answering incoming lines, utilizing the proper applications to gather that data
Gather correct data from all callers and appropriately place callers into correct conferences
Utilize all appropriate applications to track client data
Identify efficiency opportunities and present to management
Schedule Adherence and Organizing —
Continually monitor role and call assignments to be aware of schedule assignment
Know and follow all prep and sign in/out times for role and call assignments
Be signed in, set up, and ready to perform duties at assigned prep times
Monitor personal schedule, which can change on a routine basis, every 20 minutes, hourly, etc.
Adjust to multiple changes in personal schedule on a minute by minute basis
Be present at assigned role or call for the duration of the role or call assignment
Troubleshooting and Informing —
Redirect callers to appropriate areas if they are not calling in to join an audio conference
Conduct basic audio checks or basic technical troubleshooting with callers as needed
Report errors per guidelines to management and follow with email to document report
Answer client questions and escalate issues, if required
Participate and provide feedback during User Acceptance Testing

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