Education Alternatives is seeking a Customer Care Coordinator for the Ravenna location. The customer care coordinator is responsible for the administrative support of the day treatment building, as well as receptionist duties for the front office. This position ensures the efficient workflow within the building and reports to the Director of Day Treatment.
Job Responsibilities
Perform administrative duties across a range of building needs, including managing workflows, projects, and deadlines
Enter and maintain client information in the organization’s multiple data systems, including attendance, lunch program data, and enrollment in day treatment, partial hospitalization, and summer programming
Maintain educational and mental health documentation for clients in the assigned building
Provide customer service for parents/guardians of clients, school districts, and other agencies involved with the enrollment of clients
Create, edit, and proofread correspondence, emails, spreadsheets, and reports for various stakeholders
Manage, plan and coordinate the schedules of the building’s Day Treatment Director, Academic Coordinator, and other key personnel
Manage incoming and outgoing communications (telephone, email, mail, etc.)
Perform general clerical duties including photocopying, mailing, and filing
Create a welcoming atmosphere for clients, employees, and visitors
Maintain an inventory of office materials, products, and supplies
Assist and monitor students self-administration of medication
Other duties as assigned
Job Requirements
Minimum two years college or specialized training
Work-related or nonprofit experience is preferred
Knowledge of Microsoft Office, particularly Word and Excel
Database management or familiarity with Microsoft Access
Excellent English and communication skills with the ability to create letters and other written communications
Ability to work cooperatively, independently, and meet deadlines
Knowledge of office management, budgeting, and data processing
Job Schedule
The job follows a standard year-round schedule, Monday through Friday
The hours follow a work day schedule from 8:00 to 4:00

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