To help students overcome problems that impede learning and to assist them in making educational, occupational, and life plans appropriate to their age/maturity level leading to their development as productive citizens; to help students develop their potential to live full, useful lives.<br /><br />* Works to resolve students' educational handicaps; works to discover and develop special abilities of students; works to prevent students from dropping out of school<br />* Registers students new to the school and orients them to school procedures and the school's varied opportunities for learning; provides assistance to students in course and subject selection; maintains student records and protects their confidentiality<br />* Assists students on an individual basis in the solution of personal problems related to such situations as home and family relations, peer relations, health, and emotional adjustment; is available to students to provide counseling in such areas as personal growth, self-understanding, and maturity<br />* Conducts small group counseling on student-selected and counselor-identified topics such as study skills, social skills, anger management, self-esteem, changing families, and grief<br />* Obtains and disseminates occupational information to students and to classes studying occupations; helps students evaluate career interests and choices; may organize and conduct career day<br />* Provides crisis counseling when needed, for prevention, intervention, and follow-up, with referrals, when necessary, to community resources<br />* Offers in-service training in school counseling topics for staff; collaborates with administrators and faculty on the matters of student discipline, developmental issues, and identifying significant behaviors such as suicide, self-harm, and depression<br />* Takes an active role in interpreting the school's objectives to students, parents, and the community at large; confers with parents whenever necessary<br />* Performs other related work as assigned<br /><br />* Holds Master's Degree from an accredited college or university and completion of an approved school guidance and counseling program; holds or is eligible for appropriate licensure<br />* Has successful full-time teaching experience or successful experience in school guidance and counseling<br /><br />Organizational Relationships:<br />The School Counselor reports to the Supervisor of School Counseling Services through the Principal.

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