About US:
Our company focuses on people first and put a strong focus on company culture; we are a financial services company providing private benefits to union members in the area. We are currently enjoying our 23rd consecutive month of growth which puts us in a position to hire new associates to join our team.
Our customer service team is a hybrid of client services and team management. Here you will learn the necessary skills to lead and manage people through our extensive training programs. Candidates should have excellent communication skills and understand the importance of following up with clients to make sure they fully understand their benefits so we can fill their needs.
This role is perfect for those that share our Platinum Rule of philosophy – do more for others than you would have them do for you – and those who want to give back to others. Here you will work in an innovative and empowering environment where you promote yourself. Candidates should be organized, responsible, quick learners and willing to change and be mentored by a team of leaders who are passionate about our business. Your experience here with us will help you understand why we have been rated Top Places to Work in Boston two years in a row! The positions we need to fill are performance based*; meaning advancement and future compensation is based off of results and experience, not tenure!
Company Culture:
We often spend more time with the people we work with than we spend with our own families. Why not have your career feel like family? That’s what we do here; we foster not only a team driven culture, but also a family driven partnership among colleagues. Your workplace should be productive, but also fun. between the turf on the floor, corn hole boards in between meetings, and even in prompt to hockey tournaments; we like to have fun and get the job done.
Leaders have all done and continue to do the same tasks they ask of their people. We have a leadership development style which not only encourages, but requires personal and professional growth and development. The company focuses on becoming 1% better than you were the day before. Leadership workshops and development occur weekly and all are encouraged to learn and attend.
1-3 years of customer service experience
Effective communication skills
Ability to multi-task
Highly organized
Ethical and honest business practices
Ability to work well without supervision
Motivated to take your career to the next level
We provide:
Full-time hours
A fun, energetic and positive office environment
Career growth and advancement based on merit, not tenure
Company stock options
Structured training and leadership program
Company events and trips including monthly flag football, leadership vacations, seasonal events and the opportunity to go to company international convention in Las Vegas.
Monthly team events
*Performance Based Positions are paid fully from commissions and while they can be very lucrative, listed salary is an average projection, and not a guarantee.
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