Our client in Summit NJ is looking for ODI Developers, Architects and Leads. This is a long term contract.
Skills required : ODI 12.1.3, Oracle 11g, MS Access, Files, Share Point, TOAD, SQL Developer
Work with Oracle Extract, Transform and load (ETL) methods and tools (Oracle Data Integrator ODI) to extract data from outside sources, transform it to Fit an organization’s business needs to load it into a target such as an organizations data warehouse or application database.
Perform Data Mapping & Transformation, demonstrate skills and experience in architecting, designing, implementing, testing, reviewing, and operating applications and solutions that implement Data Mapping & transformation technologies and techniques.
Handle Requirements Analysis provide skill to requirements analysis which may include defining applications, their capabilities and support.
Develop Data Conversion & Migrations, provide skills and expertise relates to the design and building of solutions that convert and move data from one system to another during the development of a new or existing system; typically, complicated transformation that has cleansing and mapping issues.
Develop and maintain ETL objects; such as packages, procedures, variables, mappings, load plans, schedulers etc. in oracle fusion middleware; such as ODI as ETL tools.
Develop Complex SQL/PL Sql objects such DB links, Packages, Procedures, Functions, Sequences, Index, Constraints, Tables, views, Synonyms, Triggers etc.
Develop PL Sql/SQL reports, batch process run, DB performance tuning.
Use JIRA ticketing and follow Agile Scrum (methodology/framework) to manage project/tasks.
Develop of oracle fusion middleware; such as ODI for ETL jobs/batch process.
Work with DBAs, Data Architects, Application Team, Infrastructure team, and network team for application deployments and User acceptance tests and solutions.
Created Source and Target systems physical and logical data server connections into ODITopology Manager
Create ODI Variables and used it into ODIinterfaces, Procedure and Packages
Create ODI Interfaces using LKM, CKM & IKM Knowledge Modules.
Create Interfaces to load data from source systems to staging area, staging area to dimension and fact tables of Target.
Create Process flows using ODI Packages for loading data from source system to staging area, staging area to dimension and fact tables.
Use Refresh, Set and Evaluate ODI variables types into ODI Packages.
Create Scenarios of ODIPackages for migrating code into Prod execution repository
Migrate Code from Development to Testing to production.
Create Views, Functions, Procedures and Packages in PL/SQL for ODI process.
Identify and fixed bottlenecks and tuned the complex ODI Interfaces for optimized
UseODI (Oracle Data Integrator) designer and implemented knowledge modules like LKM, IKM, CKM, RKM and JKM when needed, and create CDC (Change Data Capture) and SCD (Slowly Changing Dimensions) to keep up History records and live updated records.

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