<p>DailyMail.com is looking for a freelance Photo Editor to work out of our&nbsp;</p>

<p>Venice Beach office in Los Angeles</p>


<p><strong>Job Functions: Photoshop/Researcher</strong>&nbsp;<strong>&nbsp;</strong></p>

<p>Requirements for the role include:</p>

<p>*An interest in celebrity news and entertainment</p>

<p>*Good knowledge of Photoshop</p>

<p>*Ability to undertake thorough research, possess strong visual acumen</p>

<p>*Experience in a fast paced, deadline driven environment.</p>

<p>*Flexibility regarding shift patterns – must be able to work evenings and weekends.</p>


<p>Please send resume and cover letter to vacanciesmailonline.co.uk</p>

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