<p><strong>DUTIES &amp; RESPONSIBILITIES</strong></p>

<li>Provide supervision and oversight to building services and maintenance team, including vendor scheduling for both preventative services and repairs</li>
<li>Develop effective collaborations and communication between internal departments and vendors, as they pertain to both daily operations and special events</li>
<li>Negotiation vendor contracts as they pertain to facility management</li>
<li>Support Director of Finance and Operations to ensure expenses stay within budget</li>
<li>Provide general support to Director Finance and Operations, including management of capital improvement projects</li>
<li>Provide supervision to bus drivers and oversee vehicle/fleet maintenance schedules, licensing, repairs and expenses</li>
<li>Support and spearhead building security and safety initiatives</li>
<li>Manage off-site storage facility</li>
<li>Work evenings and weekends as needed to accommodate special events and emergencies</li>
<li>Team member of the On Site Emergency Team</li>

<p><strong>ESSENTIAL QUALIFICATIONS</strong></p>

<li>Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Operations Management or related field, master's degree preferred</li>
<li>Five years of experience in an operations department demonstrating knowledge of facility management, system integration, building safety and security, project management and oversight</li>
<li>Experience with vendor negotiation and management</li>
<li>Excellent managerial and customer service skills</li>
<li>Valid Maryland Commercial Driver’s License</li>
<li>Highly proficient with maintenance tools and proper use of equipment</li>
<li>Knowledge and experiences of variety of building trades</li>
<li>Basic automotive mechanical knowledge</li>
<li>Lift operations experience</li>
<li>Ability to perform several tasks simultaneously</li>
<li>Ability to prioritize and plan work activities efficiently</li>
<li>Exceptional attention to detail and organizational skills</li>
<li>Excellent verbal and written communication skills</li>
<li>Demonstrated ability to exercise independent judgment</li>
<li>Excellent analytical ability to gather and summarize data for report, find solutions to various problems</li>
<li>Highly proficient computer skills related to common office tasks such as email, conducting internet searches, and using MSOffice (e.g., Outlook, MSWord, Excel, PowerPoint)</li>
<li>Ability to work in a team environment or independently</li>

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