<b>Duties</b><br /><br /><b>Summary</b><br /><br />This position is located within the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Office of Financial Resources (OFR), Division of Grants Management (DGM), Discretionary Grants Branch (DGB) in Rockville, MD.<br /><br />For more information about SAMHSA, click the "<strong>Learn more about the Agency</strong>" Box.<br /><br /><strong>**Applicants please note: Additional selections may be made across the Department of Health and Human Services through this vacancy announcement.**</strong><br /> Learn more about this agency <br /><br /><b>Responsibilities</b><br /><br />As a Grants Management Specialist, you will be responsible for the administration of a limited portfolio of grants and cooperative agreements.<br /><br /><strong>Specifically, you will</strong>: <ul> <li>Negotiate and administer a limited portfolio of grants and cooperative agreements which includes applying knowledge of organizational needs and deadlines and consistent follow-up to ensure receipt of required documentation.</li> <li>Appraise the grantee of the responsibilities, requirements, and grants management policies and procedures to be followed during the life of the grant and in proper use of public funds.</li> <li>Prepare and execute grant awards and all amendments and correspondence.</li> <li>Provide technical assistance to program offices in the administration of grants and cooperative agreements.</li> <li>Assure compliance with terms of grants, negotiating with grantees to resolve problems of grant obligations and determining action(s) to be taken to ensure compliance with grant terms and obligations.</li> <li>Receive all progress, financial status, close-out, and other reports required by the terms and conditions for the grant and exercises responsibility for ensuring that such reports are properly processed.</li> <li>Review and coordinate the business management activities related to the audit resolution of monetary and non-monetary findings identified in audits conducted in accordance with Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards.</li> <li>Monitor the grants process and maintain close coordination with program officials to ensure that all required actions are executed by grantees and the Government in a timely manner.</li> <li>Advise and assist the program staff in the development of program announcements and program guidance, etc.</li> <li>Interpret and apply grant laws, regulations, policies and procedures for specific programs and situations.</li> </ul> <br /><br /><b>Travel Required</b><br /><br />Not required<br /><br />Supervisory status <br /> No <br /><br />Promotion Potential <br /> 13 <br /><br /></li> <b>Requirements</b><br /><br /><b>Conditions of Employment</b><br /><br /><ul> <li>U. S. Citizenship is required.</li> <li>All qualification requirements and time-in-grade must be met by the closing date of this announcement. Federal applicants must submit an SF-50 to show status and time-in-grade.</li> <li>Males ages 18 through 25 must be registered with the Selective Service.</li> <li>Background investigation required.</li> <li>PHS Commissioned Corps applicants must submit current personnel orders.</li> <li>Can qualify for this position based on experience, education, or combination at both the GS-09 and GS-11 levels.</li> <li>Financial disclosure statement is not required.</li> <li>A one year probationary period may be required.</li> <li>Position is in the Bargaining Unit.</li> <li>Drug Screening is not required.</li> <li>Recruitment incentives are not authorized.</li> <li>Student loan repayment incentive is not authorized.</li> <li>Travel, transportation and relocation expenses will not be paid.</li> </ul> <br /><br /><b>Qualifications</b><br /><br /><strong>THESE QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS MUST BE MET BY THE CLOSING DATE</strong>: 07/09/2019<br /><br /><b>In order to qualify for this Grants Management Specialist position at the GS-09 level</b>, your resume must <b>clearly</b> demonstrate that you have one full year of specialized experience <b>comparable in difficulty and responsibility to at least the GS-07</b> level in the federal service. Examples of qualifying experience include the following types of tasks performed on a <b>regular and recurring basis:</b> Conducting financial analyses of grants or cooperative agreements<strong>;</strong> Providing technical assistance to internal and external stakeholders on grants or cooperative agreements<strong>;</strong> Analyzing financial information and monitor financial status of grants operations<strong>;</strong> Reviewing data to determine whether applicants submitted acceptable administrative and fiscal documents.<br /><br /><b>OR</b><br /> Have a Master's or equivalent (LL.B or J.D.) graduate degree in a related field, or, two (2) full years of progressively higher level graduate education leading to such a degree.<br /><br /><b>OR</b><br /> Have a combination of post baccalaureate education and experience that meets 100% of the qualification requirements of this position.<br /><br /><b>In order to qualify for this Grants Management Specialist position at the GS-11 level</b>, your resume must <b>clearly</b> demonstrate that you have one full year of specialized experience <b>comparable in difficulty and responsibility to at least the GS-09</b> level in the federal service. Examples of qualifying experience include the following types of tasks performed on a <b>regular and recurring basis: </b>Monitoring on-going grants and cooperative agreements to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations<strong>;</strong> Preparing, processing, issuing and tracking grant awards as well as compliance with reporting requirements<strong>;</strong> Monitoring the grants process and coordinating with program officials to ensure all required actions were completed in a timely manner<strong>; </strong> Providing guidance in the interpretation and application of grants laws, policies and procedures.<br /><br /><b>OR</b><br /> Have a Ph.D. or equivalent doctoral degree in a related field, or, three (3) full years of progressively higher level graduate education leading to such a degree, or an LL.M.<br /><br /><b>OR</b><br /> Have a combination of the education and experience that meets 100% of the qualification requirements of this position.<br /><br /><strong>Experience</strong> refers to paid and unpaid experience, including volunteer work done through National Service Programs (e.g., Peace Corps, AmeriCorps) and other organizations (e.g., professional; philanthropic; religious; community; student; social). If such experience is on a part-time basis, you must provide the average number of hours worked per week as well as the beginning and ending dates of the experience so it can be fully credited.<br /><br /><strong>Current status candidates must meet Time-in-Grade (TIG) by the closing date of this announcement. To allow us to verify that you meet TIG requirements, provide any of the following SF-50s:</strong> <ul> <li><strong>Competitive or Career-ladder promotion to your highest grade (this does not include 120 day temporary promotions)</strong></li> <li><strong>With-In-Grade (WGI) increase at your highest grade (this does not include quality step increases (QSIs)</strong></li> <li><strong>Competitive career/career-conditional appointment to your highest grade.</strong></li> <li><strong>SF-50 at your highest grade held, that is at least one year older than the announcement closing date of 07/09/2019.</strong></li> </ul> <br /> <strong>Current year pay adjustments are not acceptable for verifying TIG (ex. 2019 general increases cannot be used to verify TIG).<br /><br />Not sure which SF-50 to submit? Check out our video… </strong> Go here to watch the video on the SF50s to submit in your application package . <br /><br /><b>Education</b><br /><br />If you qualify on the basis of education in lieu of experience, you must submit a copy of your transcripts (or a list of your courses including titles, credit hours completed and grades) to document that you have met the education. Unofficial transcripts will be accepted in the application package. Official transcripts will be required prior to your starting work.<br /><br /><strong>Foreign Education</strong>: If you are using education completed in foreign colleges or universities to meet the qualification requirements, you must show that the education credentials have been evaluated by a private organization that specializes in interpretation of foreign education programs and such education has been deemed equivalent to that gained in an accredited U.S. education program; or full credit has been given for the courses at a U.S. accredited college or university. For further information, visit: http: www.ed.gov . <br /><br /><b>Additional information</b><br /><br />If you are unable to apply online or need to fax a document you do not have in electronic form, view the following link for information regarding an Alternate Application. <br /><br />HHS is an equal opportunity employer. Selection for this position will be based solely on merit without regard to race, color, religion, age, gender, national origin, political affiliation, disability, sexual orientation, marital or family status or other differences.<br /><br />Click here for information on " Federal hiring for individuals with disabilities ". <li><strong>Security and Background Requirements</strong>: If not previously completed, a background security investigation will be required for all appointees . Appointment will be subject to the applicant's successful completion of a background security investigation and favorable adjudication. False representation may be grounds for non-consideration, non-selection and/or appropriate disciplinary action.</li> <li><strong>E-Verify</strong>: SAMHSA participates in the USCIS Electronic Employment Eligibility Verification Program (E-Verify). E-Verify helps employers determine employment eligibility of new hires and the validity of their social security numbers.</li> <li><strong>Direct Deposit</strong>: All Federal employees are required to have Federal salary payments made by direct deposit to a financial institution of their choosing.</li> <li><strong>Creditable Service</strong>: A newly appointed or reappointed employee may receive service credit for annual leave for prior work experience directly related to the duties of the position being filled. The use of this service credit is at the discretion of the selecting official and must be finalized prior to selectee's entrance on duty. For more information, please click here .</li> <br /> If you are a veteran with preference eligibility and you are claiming 5-points veterans' preference, you must submit a copy of your DD-214 (Member 4 Copy), or other proof of eligibility. If you are claiming 10-point veterans' preference, you must also submit an SF-15, "Application for 10-Point Veterans' Preference" plus the proof required by that form. Click here for more information on veterans' preference .<br /><br />Career Transition Assistance Program (CTAP)/Interagency Career Transition Assistance Program (ICTAP): Click here <br /><br />SAMHSA supports the use of telework as a way to help attract and retain talented individuals in public service, increase worker productivity, and better prepare the agency to operate during emergencies. Telework eligibility may be discussed during the interview process. <br /><br /><b>How You Will Be Evaluated</b><br /><br />You will be evaluated for this job based on how well you meet the qualifications above.<br /><br />Once the application process is complete, a review of resume and supporting documentation will be made and compared against your responses to the assessment questionnaire to determine if you are qualified for this job. If, after reviewing your resume and or supporting documentation, a determination is made that you have inflated your qualifications and or experience, you may lose consideration for this position. Please follow all instructions carefully. Errors or omissions may affect your eligibility.<br /><br />Your qualifications will be evaluated on the following competencies (knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics): <ul> <li><strong>GRANTS ADMINISTRATION</strong> – Administers grants and cooperative agreements, applying knowledge of organizational needs and deadlines.</li> <li><strong>COMPLIANCE</strong> – Knowledge of procedures for assessing, evaluating, and monitoring programs or projects for compliance with Federal laws, regulations and guidance.</li> <li><strong>FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT</strong> – Prepares, justifies, and/or administers the budget for program areas; plans, administers and monitors expenditures to ensure cost-effective support of programs and policies; assesses financial condition of an organization.</li> <li><strong>GRANTS MANAGEMENT</strong> – Knowledge of requirements, practices, and procedures for soliciting, receiving, reviewing, and processing proposals, and awarding and administering grants and agreements.</li> </ul> <br /> <strong>TO PREVIEW THE OCCUPATIONAL ASSESSMENT QUESTIONNAIRE</strong>, please click on the following link: https: apply.usastaffing.gov/ViewQuestionnaire/10535276 <br /><br /><b>Background checks and security clearance</b><br /><br />Security clearance <br /> Other <br /><br />Drug test required <br /> No <br /><br /></li> <b>Required Documents</b><br /><br />This agency provides reasonable accommodation to applicants with disabilities. If you need a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process, please contact either HRSA's Office of Human Resources at (301) 443-3780 or by email: askhrhrsa.gov or HRSA's Reasonable Accommodation programs at (301) 443-2538 or by email: RA-Requesthrsa.gov . You must contact the Reasonable Accommodations Program prior to the closing date of this announcement to receive assistance. The decision on granting reasonable accommodation will be made on a case-by-case basis. <strong>Hours of operation</strong>: Monday through Friday 7:30AM to 4:00PM EST (except Federal holidays).<br /><br /><strong>Submission of a resume alone is not a complete application</strong>. To apply for this position, you must provide a complete online Application Package that includes: <li>A current <strong>Resume</strong> – For resume writing guidance, please visit USAJOBS Resources Center or view their video tutorial. If you use your own resume, curriculum vitae, or any other written form you choose then you must describe your job-related qualifications that include beginning and ending dates (month/year) for paid and non-paid work experience, including the average number of hours worked per week for each job title listed. You must also ensure that the duties performed are clearly matched to each period of employment. If we cannot determine that you have performed qualifying duties for at least one year, then you may be rated ineligible.</li> <li>A complete <strong>Assessment Questionnaire</strong></li> <li>Other <strong>supporting documents to be submitted with application</strong>:</li> <ul> <li>Veterans' Preference Documentation, if applicable, a DD-214 <strong>Member 4 copy</strong>, which shows type of discharge. If still active, provide an official Statement of Service. Any other documentation such as VA letter documenting disability, SF-15, and any other required supporting documentation based your veterans' preference claim.</li> <li><strong>SF-50</strong>: Federal applicants must submit an SF-50 (Notification of Personnel Action) that shows status and time-in-grade, and its full performance level. If you are an HHS employee you may obtain a copy of your SF-50 from eOPF. If you have separated from Federal Government employment, you may obtain a copy of your SF-50 via: National Personnel Records Center, Annex, 1411 Boulder Boulevard, Valmeyer, IL, 62295; FAX (618) 935-3014 ; Email CPR ; or visit the National Archives Website .</li> <li><strong>Personnel Orders</strong>: PHS Commissioned Corps Officers must submit a copy of latest personnel orders in lieu of SF-50.</li> <li>Peace Corps volunteers must submit a copy of your "Description of Service (DOS)" in lieu of the SF-50. If you do not have one you should email the Peace Corps Office of Volunteer and PSC Financial Services at certifypeacecorps.gov .</li> <li>If you are currently serving in a pay banded position, please include a copy of your pay band chart with your application.</li> <li><strong>College transcripts</strong> (if the position has a positive education requirement, or you are qualifying on the basis of education).</li> </ul> <br /> For Résumé and Application Tips visit the USAJOBS Resource Center .<br /><br /><strong>The complete Application Package must be submitted by 11:59 PM (EST) on</strong> 07/09/2019.

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