<b>Duties</b><br /><br /><b>Summary</b><br /><br />The USPS OIG is seeking a Communications Analyst to join the Communications Team for the Office of Chief of Staff (COS) in Arlington, VA. The Communications Team is responsible for the organization's employee engagement, and all internal and external communications. <br /><br />Learn more about this agency <br /><br /><b>Responsibilities</b><br /><br />The successful candidate will be primarily responsible for the organization's internal communications and employee engagement initiatives, while also performing a wide range of communication tasks. These include but are not limited to: technical and administrative support; project management; writing, editing, and disseminating information; gathering information; and assisting in producing daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual, and annual publications and announcements for both internal and external audiences; assisting in employee engagement initiatives; and maintaining content on the OIGs SharePoint intranet sites.<br /><br />Candidates will be evaluated on the skills that they possess that are directly related to the duties of the position and the experience, education and training that indicate the applicant's ability to acquire the particular knowledge and skills needed to perform the duties of the position. Only those candidates who meet all qualification and eligibility requirements and who submit the required information by 11:59 PM EST on 07/11/2019 will be considered.<br /><br />The USPS OIG uses a Pay Banding system, which is equivalent to the Federal GS scale. Grade and salary determinations will be made based upon a candidate's education and professional experience.<br /><br />This position is being advertised at the Journey Band level, equivalent to a GS-9 through a GS-11. The salary range for this position is $57,510.00 – $90,461.00. The salary figures include locality pay. Promotion potential to a GS-13 is at management's discretion.<br /><br />Please note that the duties and responsibilities associated with this position may vary based upon the agency's needs at the time of hire. The following description of major duties and responsibilities is only intended to give applicants a general overview of the expectations. <ul> <li>Lead the agency's internal communication initiatives and manage internal employee communication channels. <ul> <li>Produce a weekly employee newsletter.</li> <li>Provide expert level advices in the areas of communications, social media, and employee engagement.</li> <li>Apply a wide range of communication concepts, policies, best practices, analytical, and diagnostic methods and techniques to best reach employees.</li> <li>Evaluate information needs in the development of plans for campaigns to disseminate information about agency programs. </li> </ul> </li> <li>Assist others on the team with external communications, web content management, video, and graphic design. </li> <li>Ensure that meetings, awareness items, messaging and communications products contain no conflict with the policies and objectives of related programs. These products are often attributed to high-level agency officials and include such things as reports of agency achievements initiatives, and mission critical and general organizational information. </li> <li>Ensure that written products contain no conflict with the policies and objectives of related programs. </li> <li>Author messaging designed to (1) explain agency programs and operations; (2) report the results of audits, research and investigations; (3) announce regulations; (4) interpret themes and conflicting points of view in expository narratives. The materials presented ordinarily report and explain factual information, and often interpret it in such a way as to make it clear without sacrificing completeness and accuracy. </li> </ul> <br /><br /><b>Travel Required</b><br /><br />Not required<br /><br />Supervisory status <br /> No <br /><br />Promotion Potential <br /> 13 <br /><br /></li> <b>Requirements</b><br /><br /><b>Conditions of Employment</b><br /><br /><ul> <li>Must be a U.S. citizen</li> <li>Must be able to pass a drug screening and physical examination</li> <li>Must be able to pass a background investigation</li> <li>Must be able to obtain and maintain a Moderate background investigation (Tier 2)</li> <li>Must be able to obtain and maintain a government-issued credit card</li> <li>May be required to successfully complete a 12-month probationary period</li> </ul> <br /><br /><b>Qualifications</b><br /><br /><strong>MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS</strong><br /><br />You must meet ALL of the minimum qualifications listed below.<br /><br />Bachelor's degree in communications or a similar field from an accredited college or university <br /><br /><strong>OR</strong><br /><br />At least three years of specialized experience in communications, with a focus on internal communications, using Microsoft Office 365, including PowerPoint and SharePoint.<br /><br /><strong>DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS</strong> <ul> <li>Ability to represent agency and communicate and interact with senior level officials and stakeholders both internally and externally, including the use of social media.</li> <li>Advanced skills in using SharePoint and PowerPoint.</li> <li>Skill in the principles, methods, practices and techniques of communication and public outreach.</li> </ul> <br /> <strong>EVALUATION FACTORS</strong><br /> You must have the experience, knowledge and skills as listed in EACH of the evaluation factors. Failure to demonstrate that you meet all of the evaluation factor requirements as listed below will result in a score of zero (0); an ineligible status, and you will not be referred for further consideration. Include your major accomplishments relevant to the position requirements in your resume. <ul> <li>Proven knowledge of oral and written communication principles, practices, techniques and methods to develop information materials aimed at enhancing the understanding of stakeholders issues of the agency's programs </li> <li>Strong writing and editing skills, including writing for the web and social media sites</li> <li>Skill in developing information materials to including articles, fact sheets, brochures, and pamphlets that increase communication with the agency's stakeholders </li> <li>Ability to clearly and consistently organize, manage and present complex information in useful formats to a wide range of audiences </li> <li>Ability to manage multiple tasks and work under tight deadlines</li> </ul> <br /> You will no longer be considered for this position if you receive a zero (0) rating on any evaluation factor.<br /><br />Failure to demonstrate that you meet all evaluation factor requirements will result in a score of zero (0). Upon receipt of a zero score, you will be deemed "not minimally qualified," and you will not be referred for further consideration. <br /><br /><b>Education</b><br /><br />Education must be accredited by an institution recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Applicants can verify accreditation here: www.ed.gov/admins/finaid/accred. Special Instructions for Candidates with Foreign Education: Education completed outside the United States must be deemed equivalent to that gained in U.S. education programs. You must submit all necessary documents to a private U.S. credential evaluation service to interpret equivalency of your education against courses given in U.S. accredited colleges and universities. For further information visit: http: www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ous/international/usnei/us/edlite-visitus-forrecog.html. <br /><br /><b>Additional information</b><br /><br />Pay is only part of the compensation you will earn working for the USPS OIG. We offer a broad array of benefits programs:<br /> Health, Dental, Vision, Life and Long Term Care Insurances with Flexible Spending options.<br /> For more information about these programs visit www.opm.gov/insure.<br /><br />Retirement and Thrift Savings. For more information about these programs see www.opm.gov/retire and http: www.tsp.gov/.<br /><br />Flexible Work Schedules. USPS OIG offers a range of family friendly flexibilities including flexible work schedules, telework and employee assistance programs.<br /><br />Leave and Holidays. In addition to 10 paid holidays each year, you will earn 13 days of paid sick leave and 13 to 26 paid vacation days each year depending on your years of service.<br /><br />For further information, please refer to our website at:<br /> https: www.uspsoig.gov/frequently-asked-questions<br /><br />Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Status: Exempt (Nonexempt employees are entitled to overtime pay; Exempt employees are not).<br /><br />This agency provides Reasonable Accommodations to applicants with disabilities. If you require accommodations for any part of the application and/or hiring process, please send an email to jobsuspsoig.gov. The decision on granting an accommodation request will be made on a case by case basis. <br /><br /><b>How You Will Be Evaluated</b><br /><br />You will be evaluated for this job based on how well you meet the qualifications above.<br /><br />The Human Resources Office will review your resume and supporting documentation to ensure that you meet the minimum qualifications required for this position. You will no longer be considered for this position if you: receive a zero (0) rating on any evaluation factor; fail to attach all required documentation; if your application materials indicate that you are not minimally-qualified for this position; or if you fail to qualify on the interview. Only the top-rated candidates will be referred to a review official or the selecting official for further consideration. Top-rated applicants may be required to participate in an interview. Your rating may be further adjusted or rated as ineligible by the review official or the selecting official based on your interview performance. Once all applicant scores are finalized, the selecting official will make a final decision. NOTE: If you receive a zero (0) rating on any evaluation factor or on the interview, you will be considered NOT MINIMALLY QUALIFIED for the position and rated ineligible. <br /><br /><b>Background checks and security clearance</b><br /><br />Security clearance <br /> Other <br /><br />Drug test required <br /> Yes <br /><br /></li> <b>Required Documents</b><br /><br />You must submit all required documents by 11:59 PM EST on the closing date of this announcement, Vacancy Announcement 2019-106-1053820-PC, by closing date 07/11/2019.<br /><br /><b>1. RESUME. </b>When completing your online application or uploading your resume, you must categorize it as a "Resume" document).<br /><br /><b>2. WRITING SAMPLE</b>. At least a one-page writing sample that demonstrates the ability to communicate a complex topic clearly and concisely. (<b>Required: </b>Upload and save as "Writing Sample" document.)<br /><br /><b>3. COVER LETTER</b>. A separate statement of no more than one page showing how your skills, experience, education, and/or training address the evaluation factors for this vacancy. (<b>Required: </b>Upload and save as "Cover Letter" document.)<br /><br /><b>4. TRANSCRIPTS</b> from an accredited college or university. The information presented in the transcript must be verifiable and should contain the name of the institution, applicant's name, list of completed courses, semester hours, GPA, date and type of Bachelor's Degree issued. Education completed outside the United States must be deemed equivalent to that gained in conventional/accredited U.S. education programs to be acceptable for Federal employment. Attach document verifying that it has been deemed equivalent. For further information visit: http: www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ous/international/usnei/us/edlite-visitus-forrecog.html .<b> (Required</b>: Upload and save as "Transcript" document.)<br /><br /><b>5. PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL </b>dated within the last 15 months. This is required from all applicants including Federal, USPS, OIG, and private sector employees. If a PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL is not available, you must submit a separate statement with the reason a performance appraisal is not available. (<b>Required: </b>Upload and save as "Performance Appraisal" document.) <b>NOTE: </b>An SF-50 IS NOT acceptable as a performance appraisal.<br /><br /><b>6. UPLOAD SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS </b>which may include: <ul> <b>Certificates or Licenses, if applicable</b>. Upload and save as "Other" document.</li> <b>Veterans Preference Documentation.</b> If you are claiming veterans preference you must submit the Member 4 copy of your DD-214 Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, and/or other proof of veterans preference eligibility including your VA letter, form SF-15 (www.opm.gov/forms) and all required documents related to your SF-15 claim. Veterans can request the Member 4 copy of their DD-214 at http: www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records, and can download a copy of their VA letter from https: www.ebenefits.va.gov/ebenefits-portal/ebenefits.portal. (If applicable to you, you are required to upload each veterans' preference document and categorize as "DD-214" or "SF-15" or "Other Veterans Document")</li> <b>Reasonable Accommodation Documentation.</b> If you are requesting a reasonable accommodation to the USA Hire Competency Based Assessments, submit documentation to support your request, including the Reasonable Accommodation Request Form found at http: help.usastaffing.gov/Apply/index.php?title=Reasonable_Accommodations_for_USA_Hire .</li> <li><strong>SF-50 </strong>if you are or have been a Federal employee to demonstrate tenure and competitive/excepted service for eligibility purposes. (If applicable to you, you are Required to upload each applicable SF-50 and categorize as a "SF-50" document.)</li> </ul> <br /><br /><b>If you are relying on your education to meet qualification requirements:</b><br /><br />Education must be accredited by an accrediting institution recognized by the U.S. Department of Education in order for it to be credited towards qualifications. Therefore, provide only the attendance and/or degrees from schools accredited by accrediting institutions recognized by the U.S. Department of Education . <br /><br />Failure to provide all of the required information as stated in this vacancy announcement may result in an ineligible rating or may affect the overall rating.

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