Plans and implements medically prescribed recreational therapy program for patients based on their diagnosis, acuity, level of function and cognition that supports optimum patient care. Performs in-depth evaluation of patients utilizing a variety of assessment tools that identify patient's cognitive, social, emotional and motor function for leisure/recreation participation. Implements treatment programs primarily through the use of leisure education and skills, adaptive leisure equipment, and activity analysis.<br /><br />Qualifications<br /><br /><strong>Education Level</strong><br />Bachelor's Level Degree<br /><br /><strong>Experience</strong><br />Required: Related – 1 year<br /><br />Preferred: None, unless noted in the "Other" section below<br /><br /><strong>License</strong><br />Required: Cert Therapeutic Recreation Sp<br /><br />Preferred: None, unless noted in the "Other" section below<br /><br /><strong>Skills</strong><br />Required: Communication, Judgment and Decision Making<br /><br />Preferred: None, unless noted in the "Other" section below<br /><br /><strong>Other</strong><br />Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) training within 15 days of hire. Knowledge of therapeutic recreation principles, techniques, modalities and their proper application to patient population, where applicable.

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