<strong>Job Description:</strong> <br /><br />Participates in a broad range of activities involving public and employee communications, publications and electronic media describing policies, programs, and activities of Alexandria City Public Schools. Work includes website design, development, mapping, maintenance and ADA compliance. It also includes considerable publication design and layout as well as some writing, or rewriting of materials, frequently under pressure resulting from deadlines. <br /><br />This is a public contact position requiring skillful handling of queries from the public, administrators, supervisory personnel and employees. Assignments are received through the Director of Communications, meetings, and written instructions/requests affording latitude for independent judgment and action in the performance of duties. <br /><br />Work is performed under general supervision, and involves considerable knowledge of the school division's organization, policies, regulations and an ability to exercise tact and sound judgment, and an ability to take initiative.<br /><br /><strong>Qualifications: </strong> <br /><br /><strong>Education:</strong> Bachelor's degree in a relevant field.<br /><strong>Experience:</strong> Two years of training and experience; sound knowledge of ADA compliance regulations<br /><br /><strong>Key Competencies:</strong> <br /> <ul> <li> Proficiency with current technology for performance of duties, including graphics design and publication/print software and processes including Indesign, a strong understanding of technical support, design principles, and print publication production; </li> <li> Sound knowledge of ADA compliance and ability to ensure ADA compliance of the website and other electronic platforms; </li> <li> Proficiency in HTML; </li> <li> Proficiency with integrating online platforms; </li> <li> Excellent analytical and critical thinking and judgment skills along with an ability to take initiative and actively solve problems. </li> <li> Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills; </li> <li> Extreme attention to detail; </li> <li> Highly adaptable to shifting demands; </li> <li> Ability to respond and react quickly in urgent situations; </li> <li> Ability to produce creative, innovative publications and promotional materials. </li> </ul> <br /><br /><strong> Essential Functions: </strong><br /> <ul> <li>Provide oversight and troubleshooting of online platforms used by the communications office and schools (Mailchimp, Blackboard/Schoolwires, RSS, WordPress, others) </li> <li>Provide training on web-based platforms including the website, newsletters and social media to staff;</li> <li>Ensure ADA compliance of the division and school websites;</li> <li>Serve as editor for the division's web site, including ensuring content is kept current and is accessible to the public in a logical way;</li> <li>Review, edit and approve content submitted by others;</li> <li>Design and implement a vision for the delivery of content in an effective manner for the division and school websites;</li> <li>Design graphics, brochures, newsletters and marketing materials as required by the division;</li> <li>Perform basic remediation of PDFs to ensure AD compliance;</li> <li>Oversee all PDF remediation and be responsible for PDF ADA compliance;</li> <li>Ensure all need-to-know webpages are translated into languages as required by division policy;</li> <li>Support and post to social media platforms as required;</li> <li>Pull contact data from Student Information System and upload into Mailchimp mailing lists;</li> <li>Be available for emergencies and urgent work as required by the superintendent or director of communications;</li> <li>Disseminate information to the public and school district staff;</li> <li>Cooperate with administrators and other staff members, as appropriate, in publicizing and promoting performances, exhibitions, displays, dedications or special programs sponsored by the schools and open to the public;</li> <li>Serve as communications liaison between departments and schools;</li> <li>Determine appropriate communications for target audiences;</li> <li>Solicit feedback through formal and informal means on activities, products and purposes of the public relations program and the school division in general;</li> <li>Conduct research on relevant topics;</li> <li>May perform other additional duties or tasks as designated by supervisor. </li> <li>This roles requires some evening and weekend work.</li> </ul> <br /><br />WP<br /><br /><b>Primary Location:</b><br /> Central Office <br /><b>Salary Range:</b><br /> Support SUP-34 <br /><b>Shift Type:</b><br /> Full-Time

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