Senior Applications Consultant Data Analyst
Minneapolis, MN

Qualifications External:

Applications Consultants have expertise in a specific technology environment. They are responsible for software-specific design and realization, as well as testing, deployment and release management, or technical and functional application management of client-specific package based solutions (e.g. SAP, ORACLE). These roles also require functional and methodological capabilities in testing and training.

Required Skills and Experience:

You are an expert in one or more business processes and technology practices and are accountable for translating a business case into a detailed technical design. Alternatively, you are responsible for operational and technical issues and translate technical blueprints into requirements and specifications. You may also be responsible for integration testing and user acceptance testing. You act as a stream lead, guiding team members by experience. You are seen as active member within technology communities.

Qualification: 6-8 years of experience (2 years minimum relevant experience) Bachelor’s Degree.
Certification: SE level 1 and seeking level 2.
Must have experience in Package Configuration.
Should be proficient in Business Analysis, Business Knowledge, Testing, Architecture Knowledge, Technical Solution Design and Vendor Management.

SAP Data Analyst
Experiene wit ETL processes.
BI Data warehouse cubes.
SQL Server SSAS and SSIS (ETL), DB design, DB architect and Statistics
Extract data from AS400 or other systems and slice/dice to meet SAP Data standards.

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