NCUA’s Office of General Counsel has responsibility for all legal matters affecting NCUA including:
• Representing the agency in litigation and in personnel cases
• Handling administrative and enforcement actions against credit unions and their officials
• Drafting regulations
As the General Counsel, you will:
• Providing interpretations of the Federal Credit Union Act and NCUA regulations
• Processing Freedom of Information Act requests
• Advising the NCUA Board and the agency on general legal matters
• Oversee recruiting and retaining highly qualified staff throughout the Office of General Counsel.
• Serve as the chief legal advisor to the NCUA Board and Executive Director. Exercise strong influence on the formation and development of enforcement actions, regulations, legal opinions, and other legal matters.
• Direct the preparation of pleadings, briefs, drafts, memoranda, and legal documentation and correspondence for significant cases involving complex and difficult legal or factual issues and/or involving large sums of money.
• Oversee the review and preparation of proposed and final regulations for NCUA comment.
Position Requirements:
Your resume should address the specialized experience, Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) and Technical Qualification (TQ). You may view the definition of the ECQs by accessing the following link: https: www.opm.gov/ policy‐data‐ oversight/senior‐executive‐service/executive‐core‐qualifications/. Additionally, the TQ is defined as skill with interpreting credit union or banking laws and regulations. Applicants must have graduated from an ABA‐accredited law school and be a member of the bar of a state, territory of the United States, District of Columbia, or Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.
Specialized experience for this position includes:
• Ability to supervise a professional staff of attorneys engaged in providing legal advice to senior officials.
• Ability to direct the analysis and provide legal advice to senior level officials regarding the legal implications of proposed, pending, and enacted legislation concerning a broad range of legal disciplines in areas such as: financial institutions, banking, consumer protections, insurance, compliance banking, cybersecurity, privacy, contracts, ethics, personnel, securities, laws and emerging technologies.
• Ability to formulate and implement policies and operational strategies to carry an organization’s regulatory responsibilities.
Appointment type: This is a full‐time, permanent, Schedule A appointment in the Excepted Service.
Salary range: $247,862 – $283,000
Travel required: 25% or less
Relocation: Yes
Location: Headquarters (Alexandria, VA)
The NCUA offers a comprehensive package of benefits and work‐life programs, to include the following:
• Federal Employee Retirement system (FERS)
– Basic annuity
– Social Security
– Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)
• Subsidized health, dental and vision insurance
• NCUA Savings Plan 401(k) • Work/life programs
– Telework
– Flexible work schedule
• Public transportation incentive or free garage parking

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