Senior Front End Software Engineer (Rentals)
Location: Kent
Team size: Currently only 2 other Devs on team- planning to have a total of 5 with open CLIFs
Describe your ideal candidate:
Ability to be flexible and nimble to changing requirements.
Innovative and open minded to find creative solutions when presented with constraints.
Highly collaborative and communicative.
Why is this role open: New role to build out team to support larger than anticipated body of work.
Where is this project at in terms of stage gates: Starting to build functionality on our website and deploy to production. In Dev/Test phase.
Day to day responsibilities:
Attend stand ups and all agile ceremonies, complete development and unit testing of code for assigned stories/tasks.
Participate in code reviews from other Devs to receive feedback and adjust code written.
Technologies used:
HTML, CSS Javascript- all 5 years.
Experience with JavaScript libraries such as React, Vue,jd, etc- 5 years
Selling points of the position: Rentals is a new project/program where we are creating the ability to reserve Rental products on our website as a new capability. This is a fast paced project with a lot of opportunity to learn and iterate on the functionality. We are utilizing a SaaS solution to implement this functionality, so work to integrate with that solution will be vital.
Environment: Agile
Skills with Javascript, HTML, CSS (5 years)
Skills with JS libraries such as React or Vue (5 years)
Ability to be flexible, nimble, creative and highly collaborative.
Experience working in Agile teams (more than 3 years)
Experience working in retail systems
Experience working on customer facing systems on an eCommerce website

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