Job Summary
Responsible for directing and developing the overall state tax strategy for over 140 companies within the Walgreens organization in connection with the tax audit and appeals of state income, franchise and gross receipts taxes, and sales and use taxes. Also, responsible for directing the sales and use tax compliance and taxability across all states and Puerto Rico for all products sold in Walgreens’ 9,500 stores.

Oversees tax accounting under ASC 450 and 740 with regard to state audits and appeals, working with the Walgreens accounting teams to ensure appropriate financial statement reporting.

Responsible for representing Walgreens as Tax Counsel in connection with state tax litigation matters, including the development of tax appeals and litigation strategies, drafting and reviewing legal agreements and court documents, negotiation and approval of final audit settlements, and management of outside counsel in connection with the preparation of tax cases for administrative appeals and for trial.

Responsible for developing innovative solutions to mitigate Walgreens’ overall tax risk and maximize Walgreens’ overall tax savings through the strategic alignment of business and tax strategy, the audit settlement and appeals process, and the tax planning and transfer pricing process.

Responsible for providing vision and direction to the tax audit, tax planning, and tax compliance teams to minimize the overall tax liability of Walgreens, increase operational efficiencies, reduce Walgreens’ effective tax rate, improve cash-flow and increase Walgreens’ earnings per share.

Job Responsibilities

  • Develops tax risk management strategy for Walgreens & Affiliates and provides vision and direction to the tax audit, tax planning, tax appeals, credits and incentives, and tax compliance teams to minimize Walgreens’ overall tax liability, reduce Walgreens’ effective tax rate and improve cash-flow. Directs the income, franchise, gross receipts, sales and use, and property tax audit defense and appeals process.
  • Represents Walgreens as Tax Counsel in tax appeals and litigation matters, including development of protest, appeals hearing, and litigation strategies, drafting and reviewing legal agreements and court documents, utilization of specialized legal skills to derive and defend tax positions, management of outside counsel, and negotiation and approval of final audit settlements.
  • Develops innovative approaches to favorably settle tax audits and transfers tax knowledge to tax planning, compliance and credits & incentives personnel to drive operational efficiencies and maximize tax savings.
  • Directs and develops the overall strategy for the state and local tax audit defense process for over 140 companies within the Walgreens organization with respect to state income taxes, state gross receipt taxes, state capital taxes, state franchise taxes, state and local sales and use taxes, state withholding taxes, local business license taxes, and state and local miscellaneous taxes. The state and local audit defense process involves the oversight and management of over 120 tax audits per year.
  • Provides strategic direction to the planning team for developing innovative restructuring activities that are consistent with Walgreens’ business operations and improves existing planning strategies to preserve tax savings which directly impact both short-term and long-term company goals.
  • Advises Walgreens senior management on tax planning strategy and in the formulation of company policies and procedures pertaining to tax legislation and regulation.
  • Directs and approves the flow of information to government auditors from audit team members. Manages the relationships with government auditors to control the scope and direction of the audit. Manages the closing process of the audit from the preliminary audit liability to the final audit assessment, closing agreement, settlement agreement, appeals ruling and/or court order.
  • Directs the real property tax appeals function and oversees property tax controversies and litigation. Reduces real property tax liabilities by developing innovative approaches to reduce real estate assessment valuations and securing property tax reductions through the appeals process. Directs the review of lease agreements pertaining to leased company properties to determine opportunities for reducing property tax liabilities.
  • Oversees high-value credits and incentives projects, negotiates agreements with state and local jurisdictions, and strategically partners with outside consultants to create maximum value for Walgreens.
  • Develops audit, compliance and planning managers and staff consisting of over 50 individuals by explaining complex tax concepts and procedures, audit documentation and presentation requirements, legal research and writing techniques, legal entity business transactions, and tax minimization and audit defense strategy.
  • Develops, mentors and coaches employees through orientation, training, presentations, establishment of objectives, communication, and constructive discipline; drives high performance; builds morale, motivation and loyalty; and makes resource allocation decisions for the Tax Department.
  • Directs the federal and state & local tax compliance teams on required changes in tax procedures, tax methodology and/or tax calculations based on audit resolutions, settlement agreements, appeals rulings and or court orders.
  • Identifies opportunities to pursue tax refunds and directs the related refund claim process and the development of documentation to defend the refund claims under audit. Directs the negotiation and approves the final resolution of the refund claims, as necessary.
  • Provides guidance and consultation on the tax accounting process, the FASB Interpretation 48 reserve, and the Statement of Financial Accounting Standard No. 5 reserve, in relation to prospective and concurrent audits of Walgreens state income taxes, state gross receipt taxes, state capital taxes, state franchise taxes, state and local sales and use taxes, and required changes to reserves resulting from changes in state tax planning.
  • Develops comprehensive quarterly audit reports for the CFO, Controller, and accounting and tax department personnel to address the short and long-term financial impact of state audits.


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