Lead design, development/enhancement, and usage of automation testing framework and technologies.
Create prototypes proof-of-concepts and demonstrations to evaluate new architecture/ technologies.
Provide technical leadership to QA engineers with an emphasis on best practices for test automation.
Influences technical direction and use of technologies as they relate to automation and tooling.
Prepare and maintain architecture as well as user guides for the automation infrastructure.
Analyze and improve automated regression efficiency, reporting and reliability.
Evaluate upcoming technologies stay current with industry best practices and adopt them into the test automation framework as needed to enable the product roadmap.
Work with software engineering teams to institute light-weight unit-test automation framework to facilitate delivery of high quality software.
Ensure the test automation framework and process works collaboratively with our DevOps team with a strong emphasis on CI and CD.
Collaborate with the quality assurance leadership to develop and implement test automation needs.
Evangelize test automation framework throughout the organization via discussions presentations and documents/diagrams.
Collaborate with all software delivery teams on refinement/implementation/deployment of the chosen test automation framework.
Participate in design reviews to ensure alignment with the framework and recommended design as well as test patterns.
Participate in script reviews and provide feedback to ensure high quality scripts are developers which can be portable across Aruba products and ease of maintainability.
Required Skills:
10+ years experience in software testing.
5+ years experience in architecting test automation frameworks.
Proven track record of successfully implementing and deploying automation frameworks via UI, API, Command-level (Console, Telnet, SSH)
Strong knowledge and experience with OOP (preferably Python 3) JavaScript and Selenium, relational database such as PostgreSQL.
Experience interacting with continuous integration tools like Jenkins.

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