Job Description:
Minimum 10+ years of relevant experience.
5 years of experience writing SQL queries.
Experience in working with Business Users to derive the validation and cleansing rules.
Experience in assisting a Data Governance Office in establishing Data Governance Principles, Policies and Processes.
Experience in using Informatica EDC and Axon.
Experience with Data Quality and Profiling tools like IDQ, Informatica Analyst.
Experience with ETL/Informatica and MDM.
Experience working with Data Integration and Data Migration Projects.
Strong analytical experience and understanding technology processes of information and data.
Experience working with one or more databases (Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, T-SQL etc.)
Understand business process and the use of data in the context of business processes.
Understand business data, data patterns, and data inconsistencies.
Perform data profiling, to understand the state of the source system data and identify any data inconsistencies, target defined structures and define related data cleansing, transformation rules.
Ability to perform System Analysis to develop good understanding of system data formats, entity relationships, data structure, data extraction mechanisms and provide recommendations, logic to extract transform and load.
Prepare Source to Target mapping document, elaborating the data transformation rules to be applied.

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