Expediter Duties
Check over orders processed by Purchasing Manager for accuracy, make changes before they go to production to make sure the right merchandise is ordered, acknowledged, and will ship to correct location.
Assist with incoming deliveries if needed in warehouse. Need to be able to lift 50LBS
Research and answer questions from vendors about orders.
Check acknowledgements for all orders, make corrections & changes, follow up to make sure correct merchandise will ship to correct location and release to production when correct.
Make corrections and changes to sales orders, purchase orders, and pick tickets for any orders that had to be corrected or changed so everything will be correct on subsequent WBS paperwork and when the orders arrive.
Enter acknowledgement (vendor order) numbers and dates into the system accurately; updating the dates as we receive updated information from vendors and following up when dates are longer than normal lead-time to make sure product will arrive in a timely manner.
Make notes in the system about any backorders or delays that vendors notify us of in advance so the salespeople know how to advise our clients.
Keep tabs on when we should be receiving deliveries from vendors; follow up to make sure everything gets where it’s supposed to go on time.
Scan, archive and save copies of vendors’ packing slips from certain vendors that we need to be able to refer back to at a later date.
Check all vendors’ packing slips against our purchase orders when received, checking to make sure that all items are marked as received or following up with our warehouses or searching for items that are not.
Receive merchandise into accounting system, noting missing, damaged, or backordered items so our clients can be informed accordingly.
Receive, inspect, re-seal, and label incoming UPS and FedEx shipments, receive into accounting system, and direct to correct person or department.
Follow up on backordered, missing, or damaged items, note status in system, and re-order as necessary.
Investigate and resolve discrepancies between what shows in our system and on our paperwork vs. what we receive and follow up to make sure we are delivering the right product or re-order if necessary.

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