<p>The National Association of Schools of Music, a not-for-profit specialized accrediting association founded in 1924, headquartered in Reston, VA, is seeking a full-time (9-5, M-F) staff member. This employee will hold consistent responsibilities and duties with and among all organizations and operating entities managed by the National Office for Arts Accreditation.</p>

<p>The Association employs fourteen staff members in a non-smoking, studious, quiet, and busy office. Attire is business professional. The National Office is within walking distance of the Metro.</p>

<p><strong>Daily responsibilities include, but are not limited to:</strong></p>

<li>Assist with accreditation and general office activities, projects, and events.</li>
<li>Assist in the preparation of accreditation commission materials and the work of Commissions.</li>
<li>Read, review, study, consider, and manage accreditation materials.</li>
<li>Attend to and complete tasks associated with meeting close out.</li>
<li>Write, create, edit, and proofread text and documents as assigned and in support of Association operations.</li>
<li>Assist the Executive Director as assigned with daily responsibilities associated with the work of the National Office for Arts Accreditation and its constituent organizations.</li>

<p><strong>Attributes desired:</strong></p>

<p>Unwavering integrity; disciplined dedication; deep intelligence and a keen intellect; desire to serve and contribute; cordial, welcoming, and respectful demeanor; curiosity and a passion for learning; superior judgement and problem-solving ability; ability to maintain information as confidential.</p>

<p><strong>Skills required:</strong></p>

<li>Demonstrated ability to understand and work with and in complex systems</li>
<li>Exceptional organizational abilities</li>
<li>Meticulous attention to detail</li>
<li>Capacity to research topics; review and consider information; present clear, concise, and cogent written distillations of thoughts, ideas, facts, and results</li>
<li>Advanced writing, editing, and proofreading capabilities</li>
<li>Outstanding written and verbal communication skills</li>
<li>Demonstrated ability to handle multiple priorities and meet deadlines</li>
<li>Ability to work successfully both independently and in teams</li>
<li>Excellent customer service skills</li>
<li>Advanced knowledge and demonstrated experience with Microsoft Office, FileMaker, Adobe Acrobat, and Mac operating systems</li>

<p><strong>Necessary Qualifications:</strong></p>

<p>An undergraduate degree is required; a graduate degree is preferred. Study in an arts discipline and writing expertise are required. At least 3 years of post-collegiate professional experience is sought.</p>


<p>Salary is commensurate with experience. Comprehensive benefits package includes selected paid holidays; paid vacation; health, dental, vision, and disability insurance (as eligible); employer-sponsored 403(b) savings plan.</p>

<p><strong>Application Process:</strong></p>

<p>To be considered for this position, please email the documents outlined below in one PDF-formatted file using your full name as the file name toNASMAAG2019gmail.com. Please include AAG in the email’s subject line.</p>

<li>A formal cover letter which 1) describes in detail your capacity to address duties and responsibilities as noted above; and 2) documents your attributes and skills.&nbsp;</li>
<li>A resume outlining your educational experience including degree(s) earned, and your professional experience including names of employers and dates of employment. Please include 3-5 professional references.</li>
<li>Two recent four to five page writing samples which demonstrate your writing abilities.</li>

<p>Incomplete applications will not be considered.</p>

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