Rosemount Center seeks a Deputy Building Engineer in Washington, DC. Duties: Assist w/maintenance of electrics; Monitor boilers & pumps for $1 mil HVAC system; Assist w/annual facility inspection to ensure compliance and w/monitoring pest control; Ensure: Center is emergency preparedness compliant, playground is safe for young children, interior & exterior of Center are clean & safe in year-round weather conditions, & accurate billing & invoices for contractors; Monitor safe disposal of hazardous materials; Perform Center repairs; Oversee vendor services; Prepare reports on safety & system maintenance; maintain Ops & Maintenance manuals for HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire, etc.; & maintain complete list of maintenance actions. Reqs: 1 month of exp. in janitorial, housekeeping, or related; Successful criminal history clearance; & 3 references. Send resume/cover letter to inforosemountcenter.com.

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