TMRW Job Title: General Counsel


Manhattan-based TMRW is a mission-driven company on track to become the first mover in automating the IVF lab by creating the first fertility cryostorage center of excellence in the world. TMRW features fully robotic freezers, 100 percent physical and digital chain of custody, continuous monitoring of egg and embryo samples and electronically integrated processes—all overseen at the TMRW control center. The firm is structured in anticipation of an IPO with leading assisted reproductive technology (ART) physicians as customers, clinical partners and significant equity holders.


The General Counsel will be responsible for providing guidance and advice on all legal governance matters, including, but not limited to, commercial legal affairs, contracts, clinic partnerships, intellectual property, legal and ethical compliance, fertility/healthcare law, regulatory affairs, risk management/insurance, documents related to raising capital and managing outside counsel.

The General Counsel will lead corporate and tactical legal initiatives with effective guidance on company strategies and their implementation, while ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations. This individual will participate in defining, developing and implementing corporate policies, procedures and providing on-going counsel and guidance on legal and governance matters.

The General Counsel candidate should have a healthcare/life sciences law background, experience with healthcare/fertility compliance considerations, and have experience drafting, negotiating and executing a wide range of contracts.



• Advise the company on all legal matters.

•   Represent the company to clinics/customers and facilitate all necessary conversations while in the business development process.

• Oversee the preparation, review and negotiation of contracts, legal documents and business agreements.

• Manage the efforts of outside counsel to ensure that they provide timely and effective advice and stay within approved budgets.

• Proactively identify potential legal risks and assist in implementing strategies to minimize those risks.

• Direct intellectual property (IP) strategy.

• Manage all needed insurance policies.

• Provide direction and oversee all government reviews and investigations and legal and regulatory proceedings.

• Oversee all required regulatory filings and legal document production.

• Assist in the solution of complex issues faced by the company, requiring independent thinking and the identification and analysis of different situations.




•  Law degree from a highly regarded law school and admittance to at least one state bar.

•   A minimum of 3 years in Health Care or Life Sciences legal experience.

• A minimum of eight to 10 years of legal law firm or In House experience.

•  Ability to boil down the complex to the simple and relay the information to non legal parties.

• Start-Up experience, international experience and corporate funding experience is a plus.

•  Experience interacting and managing outside counsel.

• Exceptional interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills, including a clear and concise drafting style.

• Ability to anticipate legal issues and foresee and perform risk analysis.

• Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment.



It’s becoming increasingly apparent that fertility medicine represents one of the triumphs of the last 50-years of medical history. Today, one in 20 children born in Japan is the result of ART. In Norway, the number is one in 10. Powerful, irreversible scientific and demographic forces are driving this development. Today the advantages of involving a fertility doctor in the process of conceiving a child are numerous—and growing rapidly. For women, it allows them to better safeguard their fertility over a longer period of time. For all would-be parents, a growing list of devastating, often fatal genetic conditions (Tay Sachs, Sickle Cell Anemia, Cystic Fibrosis) can be screened against and easily avoided, affording the opportunity to end certain disease states within a generation. All of these advances are linked to the newly perfected technology of vitrification, the fast freezing of human embryos and oocytes (eggs). As the advantages of vitrification mount, ART is quickly becoming a “freeze all” clinical practice requiring both long-term and short term cryostorage in the next decade for millions of patients, up from only 5,000 just a few years ago. The existing cryostorage infrastructure in medical clinics can no longer accommodate this growing demand.



TMRW’s three co-founders—Joshua Abram, Alan Murray and Jeff Port— are serial entrepreneurs who have founded and led firms involved in diverse fields including data and analytics, biomedicine and hospitality. Prior to founding TMRW, Joshua and Alan—operating through Coriolis Ventures— founded and served as Co-CEOs of several venture-backed companies at the intersection of data, machine learning and marketing. These companies today employ approximately 1,000 people, mostly in Manhattan, and routinely process tens of billions of data events every 24 hours. While building these technology companies, Joshua and Alan also made significant commitment to founding and/or providing the earliest seed funding to firms that spoke to their shared interest in hospitality and innovative, commercial and saleable luxury experiences. They co-founded the paradigm-shifting NeueHouse, which brought the amenities and sensibility of a boutique hotel to the office environment and was widely celebrated for, as Departure Magazine wrote, fundamentally changing “what one might aspire to in a utopian, perfected office.” Joshua and Alan also provided the earliest seed funding to Alice, a hospitality technology company automating the guest experience at leading hotels which later received $30 million in funding from Expedia. Jeff Port is thoracic surgeon who, while practicing and teaching full-time at Weill Cornell Medical Center, founded RF Surgical which developed a now widely used technology to track items used by surgeons during complex operation to assure that nothing was left behind after wound closure. Companies founded by the TMRW principals have enjoyed exits totaling over $1 billion. 

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