<p><strong>JOB SUMMARY:</strong> </p>

<p>The full-time Digital Campaign Manager is an integral member in driving digital advertising revenue for Outdoor Sportsman Group. This role is responsible for managing all aspects of a digital campaign, including creating media plans and ensuring all campaigns are implemented successfully across various platforms.  </p>

<p><strong>CORE</strong> <strong>RESPONSIBILITIES:</strong> </p>

<li>Collaborate and brainstorm with sales and internal teams to craft media plans aligned with client objectives and budgets.</li>
<li>Partner with Account Executives to manage client relationships. </li>
<li>Collaborate with internal teams such as ad ops, e-marketing, integrated marketing and editorial teams to communicate client expectations and campaign fulfilment.</li>
<li>Provide clients and finance team with accurate end of campaign billing and reporting.</li>
<li>Manage and monitor all campaigns inventory, delivery and invoicing.  </li>
<li>Monitor pacing delivery and find ways to optimize based on client’s success metrics.</li>
<li>Complete post-campaign wrap-up and analysis.</li>

<p><strong>QUALIFICATIONS:</strong> </p>

<li>Experience in digital advertising, working with sales teams.</li>
<li>Strong media planning and analytical skills.</li>
<li>Understanding of inventory management and advertising operations best practices.</li>
<li>Experience working with different ad serving technologies DFP, DFA, Sizmek, etc.</li>
<li>Strong analytical skills & ability to interpret data. </li>
<li>Must be a team player.</li>

<li>Bachelor’s Degree. </li>
<li>Exceptional communication skills (both verbal and written). </li>
<li>Strong attention to detail. </li>
<li>Strong problem-solving skills, with a proactive approach.</li>
<li>Willing to learn new technologies. </li>
<li>Enjoys working in a fast pace environment. Able to meet deadlines.</li>

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