Position Summary: Describe the positions purpose and overall role in the organization. Identify major job objectives and initiatives.
Provides supervision for food services at an account/unit to ensure client satisfaction and retention for the Company. Implements business practices in order to uphold Company mission and values. Contributes to account revenue and operating profit contribution through the implementation of services and creation of opportunities for growth.
Core Competencies Needed: This position needs to be proficient in the following areas:
 Analytical Thinking
 Diversity Awareness
 Customer Focus
 Drive and Dependability
 Stress Tolerance/Flexibility
 Interpersonal Relations
 Integrity
 Communication
 Technical Skills

Technical Duties and Responsibilities: Describe the positions technical duties and responsibilities.
 Maintains and develops client relationships and client satisfaction for food services to ensure account retention.
 Fulfills contractual obligations to the client.
 Plans projects, including defining objectives, methods, timetables and budget to support client and Sodexho strategic plan.
 Accountable for the execution of service quality by maintaining highest level of delivery.
 Promotes and supports workplace diversity initiatives.
 Directs daily operations of food service operations to ensure employees have appropriate equipment, inventory and resources to perform their jobs and meet goals and deadlines.
 Oversees the preparation, portioning, garnishing, presentation and safe storage of food.
 Ensures that kitchen, equipment, storage facilities and dining room are sanitary, neat and organized.
 Probes potential problems and apprises manager of status on resolution of problems or issues, using appropriate Sodexho resource when necessary.
 Supervises day-to-day work activities by delegating authority, assigning and prioritizing activities and monitoring operating standards.
 Manages by providing positive and constructive feedback to employees in order to reward, coach, correct and motivate.
 Ensures compliance with all federal, state and local regulations as well as Sodexho/client policies and procedures (e.g. quality assurance, safety, operations, personnel).
 Establishes a safe work environment for employees by providing safety-related training and equipment maintenance and by ensuring compliance with Sodexho safety and loss prevention programs and with standards.
 Manages the budget by controlling costs (e.g. labor, inventory, equipment, materials), complying with budget requirements and making adjustments when necessary.
 Establishes operating standards, implements quality improvements and communicates them to employees.

Typical Knowledge and Skills: Identify the qualifications to competently perform the job. List any language(s), software or registrations required to perform this job. Please describe the typical writing, speaking and presentation skills required for this job and identify the audience.
Communication and Influence: Requires verbal and written communication skills to convey information that may be somewhat complex, and/or to others who may have limited knowledge of the subject in question. Role may require basic negotiation and influence, cooperation, tact, and diplomacy, etc. Technical Knowledge: Full use and application of standards, principles, theories, concepts, and techniques in area of specialty. Focuses primarily on own area of specialty. Exposure to related disciplines. Analytical Thinking: The ability to systematically gather information from a variety of sources, analyze the information, identify implications of data, draw appropriate conclusions, generate viable, alternative solutions to a question or problem, and evaluate the consequences of choosing each alternative. Diversity Awareness: The ability and willingness to respect and value the differences and perceptions of different groups/individuals. This includes respecting, understanding, valuing and seeking out individual differences to achieve the vision and mission of the organization. Customer Focus: The ability to provide excellent service to external and internal customers. This includes seeking to meet customer needs and demands quickly and effectively; remaining calm and professional when dealing with internal or external customers that are difficult or upset; reviewing complaints from internal/external customers and takes action to remedy the complaint; and treating the customer as if he/she were valuable. Drive and Dependability: The ability and willingness to demonstrate eagerness, enthusiasm, optimism, and passion when working. This includes demonstrating persistence, heightening personal effort in the face of obstacles and adversity; pursuing excellence for self and organization; having a sense of urgency; and possessing ambition. Stress Tolerance/Flexibility: The ability to work productively and effectively when faced with stressful work situations and time pressures. This includes maintaining stamina and effective interactions with others under stressful working conditions and maintaining a calm, controlled, professional manner when facing high pressure and demanding situations. Interpersonal Relations: The ability to develop and maintain professional, trusting, positive working relationships with supervisors, staff, managers, customers, and vendors. This includes being approachable and taking time to address employees' personal and professional needs, as well as client and customer concerns; treating others with respect and dignity; and expressing empathy and compassion when dealing with the needs and problems of others. Integrity: The ability and willingness to uphold ethical standards and comply with all state and federal laws and company policies and procedures. This includes fulfilling commitments; accepting constructive criticism; accepting responsibility for own performance, as well as that of the group; not accepting credit for the efforts or work of others; and avoiding conflict of interest situations. Communication: The ability to speak clearly and politely to management, associates, and customers when conveying information, using correct grammar when speaking and not using slang terms; and targeting the amount, style, and content of the information to the needs of the receiver.
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Supervision: Identify the level of supervision received and provided.
Supervision: Supervisor provides general direction. Employee independently determines and develops approach to solutions. Work is reviewed periodically (typically at major points in the assignment), and once it is complete to ensure objectives have been met.
Supervision Provided: Manages the daily operations of a unit/department through direct supervision of non-exempt/hourly employees only. Has full Human Resource responsibility (selection, orientation, scheduling, training and development of employees, including initiating personnel actions, such as the hiring and termination of employees, scheduling). Maintains budget.
Impact of Decision: Decisions are moderate, impacting project schedules, operations or customer satisfaction. Errors are detected and corrected with relatively minor financial impact or effect on projects, operations or customer relationships. May require involvement beyond immediate work group to correct.
Scope of Impact: Decisions affect work of own unit/area and related operations/departments.
Minimum Requirements:
Legal Age:18 years old Education or Equivalent Experience: Associate's Degree Supervisor/Managerial Experience: 3 years lead/supervisory experience. Function Specific Experience: 4 years related work experience. Certification Requirements: None
Working Conditions: Describe the physical environment in which the job works and any special physical qualifications required (safety hazards, visual/hearing acuity or unusual conditions).
Work is performed in an area that is adequately lighted and ventilated.
Physical Demands: Specific physical characteristics and abilities are required to perform the work, such as above-average agility and dexterity; and long periods of walking, standing, bending or carrying moderately heavy items.

Work Schedule:


Tobacco Statement

Tobacco use is a well-recognized preventable cause of death in the United States and an important public health issue. In order to promote and maintain a healthy work environment, Adventist HealthCare will not hire applicants for employment who either state that they are nicotine users or who test positive for nicotine use.

Adventist HealthCare will withdraw offers of employment to applicants who test positive for Cotinine (nicotine). Those testing positive for cotinine are given the opportunity to re-apply in 90 days, if they can truthfully attest that they have not used any nicotine products in the past ninety (90) days and successfully pass follow-up testing.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Adventist HealthCare is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.

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